eTicketing: Simply smarter travel in future

The intelligent combination of individual and public transport is a key step toward improving urban mobility. eTicketing offers a smart solution to make access and switching simple and convenient, even between different means of transportation: an electronic ticket that offers many benefits for users and operators alike.


The smartcard developed by Siemens is a key component for networking different modes of transportation, as well as a conceivable option for the future intermodal use of additional mobility and leisure activities. RFID chips register individual trips automatically when you start your journey, making it much simpler for passengers to access and switch transport systems: the cheapest option in each case is automatically selected and only the stretches that are actually completed are charged for. The dual functionality of the Siemens smartcard means it can be used with both Check-in/Check-out access systems and convenient Be-in/Be-out systems.

BiBo-System (Be-in/Be-out)

Maximum convenience when accessing public transport systems: contactless, with no need to actively read in a Smartcard via an access control system. Siemens has done the technical development for just such a solution to record a Smartcard via radio-controlled room monitoring. Using this system, the Smartcard is recorded wirelessly within the vehicle, and completed stretches and changes of class are automatically registered. Using this system, payment is made accurately based on the most favorable rate, depending on the nature and scope of the use made.

CiCo-System (Check-in/Check-out)

Passengers actively read in their Smartcards using card readers at the start and end of each trip. The trips recorded in this way are collected within the system and accurately charged in the same way as with BiBo. Siemens provides the relevant hardware such as the access gates, validation equipment, and video monitoring, which is administered and controlled in a central management system that is also maintained by Siemens.

Central sales and customer management

Sales, charging and posting take place in a central background sales system that brings together all the data and provides a coordinated exchange of data from the smartcard to the card reader and on to accounting. The sales and customer management system PTnova (from the Siemens subsidiary HanseCom) provides a solution that is directly integrated into the SAP system.

Mobile Ticketing

Electronic ticketing can also be used with individual access media such as mobile phones and smart phones. Apps can be used to provide services such as the purchase of a particular ticket, travel planning or map information, regardless of location. With over 220,000 users, Siemens has implemented the most widespread mobile ticketing system in Germany: since 2007, HanseCom has been developing and operating the HandyTicket Deutschland project coordinated by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV).

Interoperable and intermodal

Interoperable and intermodal

End-to-end mobility chains in cities are possible thanks to the close linking of the various means of transport and the perfect integration of expanded mobility services.