SiMobility Connect helps the integration of mobility ecosystems


  • Information and transactions for intermodal transport

  • B2B-integration platform to reduce complexity and cost for multimodal services, enabling integration on technical, contractual and business level

  • Flexibility through scalability and cloud based approach

SiMobility Connect is a platform that enables the integration of the mobility services of various providers into a single-source portfolio for the user. The platform provides system interfaces for transport operators and mobility service providers as well as integrated processes such as real-time passenger information, multimodal journey planning, booking, ticket purchase and payment – across various transport modes. The means of transport covered can include not only public transport (railways, ferries, cable cars, etc.) but also private transport services such as car sharing, bike sharing and taxis. Constantly updated traffic information can be used to optimize route recommendations in real time. Based on the B2B platform, apps and portals can be implemented that allow the adaptation of services to match individual user profiles.

For municipalities and transport operators, innovative ‘as a service’ offers and OPEX-based business models lower the financial hurdles and allow them to expand their mobility offers with the help of the platform, which also lays the foundation for “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) offers. Within the Ertico MaaS Alliance, Siemens is cooperating with European partners on turning this vision of future mobility into reality on the international level.


Did you know?

Various components of the Siemens solution have already been implemented, for example by the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Association (Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg – VBB), where they provide inter- and multimodal information on services such as car sharing, bike sharing, taxis and parking. To facilitate and optimize corporate travel, SiMobility Connect also delivers real-time mobility information about German cities, including transport options and constantly updated timetables, via a travel app, whose range of available functions keeps being extended. The rail service provider ‘Schweizerische Südostbahn’ in south-eastern Switzerland uses SiMobility Connect to give travelers access to mobility services across the entire country and integrate several new transport modes, for instance car sharing schemes.