Mobility Consulting: For sustainable urban development

Mobility is a key factor for competitiveness and quality of life in cities. The goal is the sustainable development of cities and towns – and the path to that goal is via innovative, integrated solutions. The Mobility Consulting team offers comprehensive consulting, and develops precisely the right concepts for a mobile future.

New mobility concepts and solutions, based on real-world experience for use in the real world: Mobility Consulting works closely with Siemens technology experts and outside partners, such as consultancies and universities, on a project-specific basis. This approach combines broad-based knowledge of proven Siemens solutions with strategy and process expertise. It’s the intelligent way to successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Paths to solutions

Mobility Consulting provides support at all levels and in all phases: from the analysis of the status quo, the development of forecasts and scenarios, as well as the formulation of custom concepts and business models to concrete recommendations for planning and implementation. And this process always takes new technologies and valuable best practice experience into account.

Urban mobility infrastructures

Mobility Consulting supports city decision-makers with comprehensive expertise based on both theory and practice. What opportunities and risks do current mobility plans entail? How can legacy infrastructures be readied for future needs? What new technologies are available? How can necessary investments be financed? The Siemens experts have already given the answers to these and related questions in numerous studies, and the results clearly show: It pays off to look toward the future.

Traffic nodes

Efficiency, security and availability are key factors for success in the operation of harbors, airports and logistics centers. That’s why Mobility Consulting focuses on power supply, building technology, parking space management or transportation connections in developing its future-ready concepts.