SiMobility JustGo: hands-free ticketing with the best possible fare


  • Hands-free ticketing: Smartphone is “the ticket”: No ticket-purchase, no hassle with vending machines, no gates, no check-in.

  • Usage-based charging with best-price option

One main application of SiMobility JustGo is "Be-in/Be-out" (BiBo) ticketing. A smart phone with the BiBo app detects installed bluetooth low-energy transmitters (beacons) while the vehicle is running and sends the data to the backend for processing the route taken. Billing takes place on the basis of usage after the route has been traveled, and the cheapest fare is automatically applied in each case.

Advantages: No need to purchase individual tickets, no aggravation with vending machines, no knowledge of tariffs necessary, no barriers, no check-in or check-out. The system supports all public carriers: buses, trams and trains. Siemens also offers combined solutions for ticket purchase, such as CiBo (Check-in/Be-out).




Siemens was chosen to be the business partner for the development, introduction and operation of a sales platform for the Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (Swiss South-Eastern Railway), which is scheduled to come into operation at the end of 2016. The system offers the BiBo range of functions via a smartphone app and a module that calculates the cheapest fare after the journey has been completed. This includes easy access to intermodal mobility services, including route guidance as well as static and dynamic timetables.