Freeway Control Centers

Our Sitraffic Conduct+ freeway control center holds a key role in our traffic control solutions for freeways. If the route comprises tunnels, our Sitraffic ITCC tunnel control center offers the ideal supplement.

Traffic Control with Sitraffic Conduct +

SITRAFFIC CONDUCT+ is the further development of our proven control centeron a new platform. It allows for optimum traffic control and ensures a safe, effective, and uninterrupted operation in both long-distance and urban freeway networks.

The CONDUCT+ control center receives all information on network utilization and the condition of all operating facilities.  Sensors deliver data on traffic and ambient conditions, and the control center applies defined strategies and rules to determine the appropriate measures to harmonize traffic.

Modular and Cost-Saving

The system offers many advantages:

  • It is highly standardized,

  • It is based on proven client/server technology

  • It uses Microsoft Windors or Linux operating systems, and

  • It is expandable at any time.

The system is highly standardized and based on proven client/server technology. It uses Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems, and is expandable at any time and in any direction. This means that it maintains its value over a long period of time – and that expensive overdimensioned systems are no longer necessary. The center grows with its functions, module by module, and is simply expanded when a new technical system is added – such as access control or shoulder release for traffic. 

Reliable Availability

SITRAFFIC CONDUCT+ has a second server that keeps running in "hot standby" mode.  If the active server is experiencing problems, operations are switched to the other server automatically, thus ensuring maximum availability.

Continuous Assessment of the Traffic Situation

Sitraffic Conduct+ determines the traffic situation in the network minute by minute. Automatic control decisions are then derived from this, allowing traffic to be harmonized. A quick response to disruptions and traffic jams is also possible. This way, the system can at all times introduce appropriate measures in accordance with the traffic situation, with minimum manpower.

Traffic Report: Manual Addition of Information

Not all traffic-related data can be collected automatically.

Completion of Data

For completion, additional traffic data is entered, processed and supplemented via the traffic newsroom workplace. It is, for example, possible to receive information from the police, emergency services or roadwork sites and then combine it with information about planned incidents, such as large events, to ensure optimum traffic routing.

Basis for Traffic Management

The data entered via the traffic newsroom workplace serves as the basis for the traffic management activities: It

  • affects higher-level strategies

  • flows into diversion recommendations

  • takes into account travel time estimation

  • provides information to road users