Traffic on Freeways

Systems for dynamic traffic control continuously adapt to the current traffic situation and ensure optimum evolvement of the intended effects on both traffic flow and safety.

Unlimited Mobility

Siemens supplies all components required to this end from a single source and thus keeps things moving on freeways around the globe. We are proud of being one of the most sought-after partners worldwide, where integrated solutions for road traffic technology are concerned. With our extensive know-how and our well-founded experience we offer the expertise, technical competence, reliability and innovation that are required for your projects to succeed.

Freeway Control Centers

Our Sitraffic Conduct+ freeway control center holds a key role in our traffic control solutions for freeways. If the route comprises tunnels, our Sitraffic ITCC tunnel control center offers the ideal supplement.

Tunnel Control Technology

Tunnels represent critical bottlenecks of the traffic network. Disruptions occurring in tunnels have serious effects on the traffic flow and moreover pose a serious risk to road users. Therefore there are particularly stringent requirements concerning safety and operation in tunnels. Siemens has responded to these changing requirements with the Tunnel initiative.

Road Services

Along with technological solutions we offer manifold services to our customers. We render consulting, planning, maintenance and repair services, provide support during operation and training courses, and manage the quality and efficiency of the road traffic and street lighting systems.

Electric-Powered HGV Traffic

In the search for a sustainable solution for the future of road freight traffic, electric mobility in commercial vehicles is a promising approach. Siemens has proposed an intelligent concept for freight traffic electrification called eHighway.

Infrastructure and Long-Distance Traffic Control

With Siemens traffic control systems, all types of traffic control on freeways can be implemented, either individually or in combination.

Toll Systems for Highways

There are diverse tolling solutions available. The one-sided model of tolling as an exclusive means of re-financing has finally been superseded. Siemens has numerous intelligent tolling solutions to offer in its place.

Trends in Non-Urban Traffic Control Engineering

The wide variety of Siemens’ Sitraffic products is being continuously developed so that it corresponds to the state of the art. In pursuing development, Siemens promotes innovation and pioneering trends and develops novel solutions and technologies.