Infrastructure and Long-Distance Traffic Control

With Siemens traffic control systems, all types of traffic control on freeways can be implemented, either individually or in combination.Siemens’ traffic control systems comprise sensors for the collection of traffic and environmental data, transmission equipment, actuators for traffic control and the control centers.  The control procedures relate to intersections, routes and networks.

Data Collection

Detailed and reliable traffic data is the basis for effective measures for controlling and routing traffic

Traffic Control Systems for Optimizing Traffic Flow

Traffic control systems stabilize, guide, and separate traffic. The result: clear improvement in traffic flow, safety and environment. 

The InterUrbanService (IUS) App

Available under a licensing model, the IUS App brings the full range of service functions to Android smartphones and tablets. This more than halves the time needed for service calls at sign gantries because there is no need anymore for the technician to repeatedly climb up and down the sign gantry.

Parking information system for truck parking lots

Truck parking spaces along highways are a rare commodity. The new truck parking information system by Siemens provides precise information on parking utilization and ensures efficient use of the parking spaces available.