Data Collection

Detailed and reliable traffic data is the basis for effective measures for controlling and routing traffic. Siemens offers a variety of options to this end and thus allows tailor-made solutions to be implemented.

Traffic Detectors

Much of the thanks for the quality of almost all traffic systems goes to the detectors because it is only when they provide reliable traffic data that the systems can work efficiently. High standards are demanded of the detectors so that they meet the high requirements there are for traffic data collection. The Sitraffic product family offers a series of technologies:

  • Classic inductive loop

  • Combination detectors, in which the data of radar, infrared and ultrasonic sensors are evaluated

  • Video detectors which, in addition to data collection, allow video images to be transmitted to the freeway control center

Always the Best Solution

The use of above-ground detectors makes costly civil engineering works for installation and maintenance obsolete. They are able to measure the traffic situation even under difficult lighting conditions.

In some instances detectors are needed at places without power or communication lines.  For such cases Siemens offers Traffic Eye Universal an, an infrared-based detector operated with a solar panel, which can send the data to the traffic control center via GPRS.

Roadside Controller TLS

The SST4 roadside controller family is based on the existing TLS and comes pre-equipped to meet the requirements of the new TLS version of the German Highway Research Institute (BASt).

Roadside Controller PC104 Standard

The future-proof PC104 standard, the numerous communication interfaces, and the easy-to-maintain design are supplied as standard equipment. In addition, the roadside controller offers plenty of space for expansion:

  • GPRS

  • UMTS

  • Ethernet

  • Up to 20 loop detectors

  • FSK-Modem

  • UPS

  • and more …

Basic Version SST4-XS

The SST4-XS is the "light" version – perfect for simpler applications such as:

  • Data collection tool

  • Inselbus communication computer

  • Speed warning system

  • Input/output concentrator, etc.

Project-Specific Solutions

By using different installation frames with selected components, it is easy to create project-specific solutions, whether this involves the installation of the components into existing cabinets or into WMS (Variable Message Sign) housings, receded detector stations with solar power, or license-free radio connection.

Travel Time Measurement

Traffic management systems are mostly based on the data supplied by local detectors. Frequently, these site-based measuring values must then be processed further to provide road-specific information. This is done using estimation procedures and models which in some cases do not sufficiently reflect reality.

Immediate Data Collection

New approaches involve the direct collection of road-specific data such as travel time and speed. Traffic jams and disruptions can be derived from this data with much more accuracy.Siemens also offers two sustainable solution to support the infrastructure: Sicore and Wimag.

Two high-tech solutions, many advantages

  • Direct and precise measurement of the travel time

  • Evaluation of traffic volume

  • High technological reliability

  • Easy to install

Sicore Camera

Sicore is an intelligent camera that automatically recognizes any number plate. The camera includes an evaluation processor and the required software and is a successfully established piece of technology with extensive experience in the field.

Comprehensive Recording

Sicore enables almost total initial recognition and identification of vehicles and positive recognition again at a second measuring point. In future, it will also be possible to capture speed and vehicle class. Personal data, such as the number plate, is anonymized by means of a proven and modern encryption procedure immediately after being read. This ensures compliance with data privacy regulations at all times.

For All Applications

Sicore is suitable for measuring the travel time, in particular also for long road sections with a high number of turn off and entry processes. The high recognition rate allows the travel times to be measured with a high accuracy even when many vehicles leave the route between both measuring points and only a few vehicles pass both measuring points. Optionally, Sicore can be used to read hazardous goods plates.  

The Wimag Detector

“Wimag” stands for “wireless magnetic detector”, a new detector technology with many benefits:

  • Low costs

  • Wimag can be installed in the road surface within a few minutes

  • Practical size:  7.5 x 7.5 x 5.0 cm

  • No wiring is necessary

  • Long life span of approximately ten years

Wimag measures the magnetic signatures which vary from vehicle to vehicle. The data thus captured is transmitted by radio to a base station and evaluated there. Due to the re-identification rates achievee, this detector is very suitable for the measurement of travel times. This detector is suitable for sections with a small or average number of turn off and entry processes on the route.

Assessment of Environmental Data

Identifying the road condition and the weather is important for freeway operators on the one hand, in order to organize winter services effectively. On the other hand, this data is required for the traffic control and information systems. Important key data to be collected includes, for example, visibility, surface condition, surface temperature and rain. These factors have a decisive impact on the effectiveness of and maximum speed indicated by the traffic control systems.