The InterUrbanService (IUS) App: Let your Smartphone do the walking!

With the new InterUrbanService App (IUS), Siemens now offers a service tool that really helps cut down on the time needed for servicing sign gantries, from commissioning or preventive and corrective maintenance right up to error diagnoses, parameter modifications and remote applications. Thanks to the application, all functions that technicians use and appreciate on their stationary PC are now also available in the mobile world.

No more climbing up and down the sign gantry!

Up to now, the devices on the sign gantry and the controllers at the roadside belonged to two different data processing landscapes that the service technician could not access simultaneously. Every single modification carried out up on the gantry had to be confirmed at the outstation 15 m below. That usually meant a lot of climbing up and down.

With the IUS app, the smartphone takes over the role of the traffic center. Via Bluetooth, the phone connects the technician with the outstation for convenient access to all system parameters as well as the required diagnosis tools. At the roadside as well as on the gantry, technicians now always have the complete system data at their fingertips. Commissioning or servicing the equipment takes about 50 percent less time - and a much smaller toll on the technicians’ knees.

Remote support – directly per smartphone

If the malfunction cannot be diagnosed on site, the technician can request remote support from the Service Center – directly per smartphone. After the remote connection has been established, the operator’s workstation in the Service Center displays the exact same user interface as the technician’s smartphone. The Service Center carries out a diagnosis and feeds any parameter changes directly to the field installation. After re-initialization, also initiated via remote connection, and restart of the local system, the status data are displayed in real-time on both screens.

Designed for Android smartphones

The InterUrbanService App runs on all standard Android-based mobile devices (version 4.0 [Ice Cream Sandwich] and higher) with Bluetooth interface (version 2.0 and higher).