Parking information system for truck parking lots

There is a shortfall of roughly 7,000 truck parking spaces along Germany's freeway system at the moment. The new system offers a solution to this challenge: it inform truck drivers about where they can find available parking spaces at the various rest stops along their route long before their driving time expires. As a result, rest times can be planned more effectively and the capacity utilization of the individual parking areas can be optimized.

Economical also for major parking and rest areas

With the Sitraffic Conduct+ truck parking information system, entering and exiting trucks are counted and classified. In this so-called "accounting system", parking space occupancy is indirectly calculated based on the difference between the number of vehicles entering and exiting. Thanks to high-precision vehicle counting, the system requires only a small number of detectors, which has a positive effect on cost for the overall system. This high precision is achieved through a combination of ground sensors and additional laser scanners at the entrances and exits.

Pilot project on the A9 freeway between Nuremberg and Munich

The new truck parking information system will be installed at 21 rest stops, as well as filling stations and rest areas along the A9 freeway between Nuremberg and Munich by December 2016. The data will then be forwarded to the Bavarian Traffic Information Agency (VIB), which informs road users about current construction sites, traffic flows, and traffic warnings on its information platform And for those who have no internet access, special touchscreen kiosks at the rest stops can be used to get an overview of the current parking space occupancy.