Toll Systems for Highways

Our developments focus on satellite-based toll-collection applications. These offer numerous advantages. They are extremely flexible, economical and can be quickly configured to meet specific customer requirements. Another bonus: there is no need for a lot of new infrastructure.

Products for toll collection

The spectrum of Siemens’ products for toll collection, ranging from individual components right through to complete system solutions for country-wide tolling applications, can always offer the appropriate solution.

Services for Freeways

In addition to offering technological solutions, Siemens also offers a wide variety of services. Siemens-Service-Plus is a unique and competent service organization which ensures that all Siemens’ services can be deployed as quickly as possible and over a wide-ranging area.

Tolling Solutions

Siemens looks upon itself as a provider of electronic tolling solutions. Its core competence lies in the provision of total and partial solutions for electronic tolling systems.