Electronic Toll Collection Systems Tolling Solutions

Siemens has developed highly efficient platforms for collecting tolls and provides products suitable for use in a wide variety of tolling solutions and markets.

Single Lane Tolling

Siemens’ modern single-lane tolling system offers a transparent processing of toll collection at gates. Here Siemens offers lean processes with linkage to the customer’s established IT system. The core features of such manual solutions are:

  • complete documentation of all payments at the toll gate and

  • inclusion of several methods of payment.

License Plate Recognition via Video

Siemens also offers systems for self-declaration, for example, via the internet. Charges are checked on dedicated video lanes using license-plate recognition. This allows vehicles to pass through quickly.

The system uses proven recognition technology along with a lean, intelligent applicationThe result is a reliable recognition rate of over 99%, which we have consistently demonstrated at the Brenner Pass in Austria since 1994. 

Package with the Sitraffic Sicore Camera

The camera is available together with all Siemens’ video-based tolling applications for automatic reading of vehicle license plates. In addition to offering the highest possible precision and reliability, the camera gives very good lane coverage (the two-lane version covers 7m) and thus a significant advantage in terms of overall cost-effectiveness in comparison with conventional systems.

Manual tollbooths

Siemens’ systems for manual tollbooth collection permit seamless documentation of payments.

This helps to eliminate fraud. A further advantage of Siemens’ systems for manual collection is their ability to handle several methods of payment. The successful operation of manual collection systems in the Austrian Alps is testimony to Siemens’ comprehensive experience in manual toll-collection systems. Similar Siemens solutions are also in use in Portugal and Norway.

Electronic Toll Collection Systems

Reference London

Every Siemens toll-collection system is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We apply all our process and technology know-how to attaining results which are entirely in line with our customers’ desire for future-oriented toll collection solutions.

Our worldwide references provide a good overview of our expertise and wide range of tolling solutions:  For the first time, a nationwide satellite-based toll system in Slovakia will impose tolls on an extensive road network – and not just on highways. Revolutionary video technology was able to produce a decisive improvement in the effectiveness of the tolling system in London.

In Switzerland, a satellite-based OBU is replacing the system's GSM communication. As a result, even moderate GPS signals produce high recognition rates.In Australia, by linking up the microwave toll systems with satellite-based toll systems, it has been possible to open the way to hybrid solutions.

Open Road Tolling

On-Board Unit (OBU)

Open-Road Tolling describes tolling solutions which allow users to drive through the toll section or zone. There are no gates or toll plazas, and therefore no danger of traffic jams. Such solutions make sense in larger road networks or toll zones where a high volume of regular users is expected.

Open-road tolling requires the so-called "multi-lane free flow" technology that makes it possible to collect tolls irrespective of driving behavior. Siemens uses the following technologies for this solution:

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

Satellite-based tolling is one of the most frequently used systems today. The system is highly flexible in terms of the selection and extension of tolled road networks.  Vehicles are equipped with so-called On-Board Units (OBUs).

Siemens is the world leader in this field of toll-collection technology. Even before its official introduction, our tolling system proved its capabilities in numerous pilot projects. Constant further development of the recognition technology, the latest algorithms, and secure OBU communications are extending our lead in this field – whether for roads, bridges or tunnels, toll zones, or simple kilometer counters (any combination of toll objects is possible). We already facilitate flexible fee structures and system architectures. Siemens has already implemented one such system in Slovakia.