Tunnel control technology

There are stringent requirements concerning safety and operations in tunnels. Owing to the steadily growing traffic demands and the accompanying rise in safety standards in many countries, there has been a corresponding rise in what is demanded of the product.

The Siemens Tunnel Initiative

Siemens has responded to these changing requirements with the Tunnel initiative. This involves not only the technical but also the organizational integration of all areas of expertise. Based on the Siemens module library, we provide both individual systems tailored specifically to a project and integrated total solutions that meet stringent safety requirements:

  • Energy allocation

  • Lighting and ventilation

  • Monitoring of ambient condition

  • Smoke and fire detection, emergency calling, tunnel radio and video surveillance.

All these functions can be integrated in the tunnel control center.

Tunnel Control Technology Sitraffic ITCC

All data converges in the tunnel control center – whether it is regardomg the equipment used in the tunnel or traffic conditions.

Sensors and actuators for the tunnel

Actuators respond to changes in conditions within a tunnel in many ways. Siemens offers a wide range of different actuators and intelligent solutions.