Tunnel Control Technology Sitraffic ITCC

All data converges in the tunnel control center – whether it is from the equipment used in the tunnel or about traffic conditions.

Software Module Library

SITRAFFIC ITCC comprises a centrally developed and maintained software module library for the core functions of all connected tunnel systems.

Totally Individual Standard

ITCC uses the WinCC Open Architecture (PVSS) platform. Even though it is a heavily standardized product, ITCC offers the flexibility to adapt to operator preferences or country-specific requirements, making the new center platform a universal solution: in tunnels of all sizes, in all countries, and for all safety standards.

Tunnel Control Center

The tunnel control center is the beating heart of the entire tunnel equipment:

  • Traffic guidance and control equipment

  • Light, air and power supplies

  • Smoke and fire detection system

  • Pollution measurement

  • Pumps

  • Emergency call systems

All the information converges in Sitraffic ITCC and results in a coordinated strategy for all subsystems. This makes for safe traffic guidance and a high level of safety.

Modular Design

Thanks to its modular design, the tunnel control center can be extended in any direction whenever the need arises. Which means your investment is future-proof, and expensive overdimensioning is no longer necessary. The control center grows module by module with new tasks and is simply expanded when new technical equipment is installed in the tunnel.

Available at all Times

SITRAFFIC ITCC has a second server that operates redundantly in “hot standby” mode. If the active server comes up against any problems the system automatically switches to the second server. This substantially increases the control center availability, and it is possible to operate it with almost no interruptions.

Adaptable to any Situation

SITRAFFIC ITCC can be precisely adapted to a full range of individual requirements.  For example, it is possible to change language or change all screen masks - an important contribution to operating reliability.

Standardized Representation

The new tunnel control center features thoroughly standardized representation of alarms of different priorities, operating equipment states, and generally all information. That means, for example, that the colored icons for different emergencies and states are identical everywhere. This is particularly helpful to monitoring personnel in large control rooms with several screens, and provides support with assessing dangerous situations faster and with more accuracy.