Study The Data Opportunity

Getting from point A to point B is something the vast majority of people face every day. And it’s the movement of people and goods that ensure our cities and nations can thrive and grow.  As the world’s population continues to grow and as trends such as globalization and urbanization continue to intensify, we will have to transport an ever greater amount of people and goods across ever greater distances, in particular in and between cities. This is an enormous challenge.

The good news is: technologically, we are well equipped to meet this challenge. Automation and digitalization offers us opportunities to make our transport networks, both existing and new, vastly more efficient and economically and environmentally much more sustainable. There is no doubt that the transportation industry is in a good position to provide intelligent transportation solutions that can deliver efficient mobility for everybody. 
Siemens has partnered with Credo to investigate how the gathering of data, through automated sensors, and accompanying analytics can transform the transportation sector’s value chain. How digitalization can deliver benefits in three key areas: throughput, availability and passenger experience. What is the “Data Opportunity”? 
At Siemens more than 300,000 devices are connected to our Sinalytics Platform. The data generated from the devices is leveraged to increase availability of assets and optimize maintenance. Digitalization has revolutionized the way rolling stock is being serviced. It can lead to reduced capital and operations expenditure and simultaneously raise service levels.     

 The ”Data Opportunity” aims to showcase how digitalization today is being applied across the mobility sector and analyze how data can drive value for society, operators and authorities.

The study is now available for download.