Maintenance Services

We work with you to develop tailor-made service concepts for your urban, regional, longdistance or high-speed networks.
Whether catenaries, signaling, interlocking or level crossings, multiple units, locomotives, metros, light rail transit or trams: our broad portfolio of modular solutions gives you the flexibility in effective and cost-efficient manner, to optimize your rail system in line with your requirements.
What is more, our experts offer a profound experience in the maintenance of fleets and entire systems – worldwide.

In the middle of Munich-Allach: our Rail Service Center

Situated barely five kilometers away from Munich's central station, 2000 m2 of sheltered service halls are available for your rolling stock. All kinds of preventive and corrective maintenance activities are carried out here at two fully equipped work bays. Each year numerous locomotives and trains belonging to both European state-owned railway companies as well as much smaller operators are serviced here.

Proven On Site Overhaul – just one day, instead of months

How it used to be: after 1 million operations or ten years, point machines had to be mechanically reconditioned in general. And that meant removing and shipping them to the factory, and then waiting weeks before getting them back with certification for the next ten years.
This is how it's done now: the workshop comes to the points. And one day later? Exactly! The workshop moves on to the next set of points, wherever in the world they may be. 100% RAILability® thanks to our mobile overhaul container.