Rail Service Center Munich-Allach

Situated barely five kilometers away from Munich's central station, 2000 m2 of sheltered service halls are available for your rolling stock. All kinds of preventive and corrective maintenance activities are carried out here at two fully equipped work bays. Each year numerous locomotives and trains belonging to both European state-owned railway companies as well as much smaller operators are serviced here.

Our Service Center uses state-of-the-art tools and assumes all service offerings, but there is a lot more on offer here, too. In the neighboring Data Analytics Center, our experts are working hard on algorithms to identify and rectify faults on the vehicle before they arise. The site also boasts further unique synergies: for 170 years, this has been the place where Siemens manufactures the most advanced trains in the world. For you, this means our expertise is pooled at a single location.

Range of Services

Preventive maintenance

Rail vehicles must be examined at specific intervals to ensure they are safe to drive. We are on hand as a reliable Partner, when your vehicle reaches the defined operating time or maximum kilometric performance. You can depend on our extensive expertise when it comes to limited inspections, scheduled inspections and overhauls.

Expert accident repair

Accidents happen - in everyday road traffic, but also on dedicated railway lines.  If your vehicle is damaged, as a dependable partner we support you in all aspects from recording the damage and actually repairing the vehicle, right through to commissioning and acceptance.

Expert refurbishment

Rail transportation systems are subjected to high stresses on a daily basis. Passengers and freight must be transported safely and reliably in all kinds of weather - and all the while using the very latest technologies. We offer customized solutions to extend the working life of your rail systems through our refurbishment activities.


The Munich-Allach Rail Service Center is situated at a hub of the important north-south and east-west connections and is only a short hop from Munich's main railway station. Munich is where every locomotive passes by sometime. This means that railway operators can include service stays into their long-term route schedules, and the locomotives do not lose much time.

Rail operators benefit from unique synergies: the Allach facility is also where the most modern locomotives in the world are built – at Siemens' locomotive plant. That means priceless know-how.

Close cooperation with the PCW Wegberg-Wildenrath

For special tasks, Munich-Allach maintains a close cooperation with the PCW, the Siemens Test and Validation Center in Wegberg-Wildenrath. Here, Siemens specialists operate in special workshops and on more than 30 km of Siemens-owned track.


ES64U4 overhaul

The Siemens ES64U4 series electric locomotives belonging to the Polish State Railway PKP underwent their first overhaul at the Rail Service Center. Routine works were carried out here such as maintenance of the air conditioning units and the replacement of various components. Bogies and roofs were also refurbished.

Vectron corrective maintenance

Corrective measures such as replacing discs and gears and changing oil were carried out routinely on the various Vectron models, as were preventive measures such as limited and scheduled inspections.

ES64F4 corrective maintenance

For the ES64F4, corrective measures such as the replacement of various components were carried out, along with component tests and functional tests.