Upgrade Services

Increased energy efficiency, improved comfort and greater reliability – there are many good reasons for modernizing, enhancing or repairing your rail vehicles and infrastructure. Another good reason is extension of lifetime. Because long lifetime enables to treat resources with care.
Whether interior conversion, system upgrade or refurbishment – with Siemens Upgrade Services, you can be confident that your fleet will travel into the future with maximum comfort, low emissions and high energy efficiency.

Expert Refurbishment – Transforming old into new

In many cases, taking used and often obsolete equipment as a sound basis for a new system is the more economical and more sustainable alternative to investing in completely new technology – and is often faster to boot. Our examples show that, with the right materials, almost anything is possible.

Expert SITRAIL® D – More safety and efficiency thanks to video-based train dispatch

„Expert SITRAIL® D“ is a video-based solution that enables the driver to monitor the platform autonomously via incab screens. Video signals from platform cameras aretransmitted via a digital radio system.

Expert SITRAIL® D provides a continuous stream of images throughout the entire dispatch process to give the driver better awareness of the situation on the platform. Furthermore, the situation at the next platform can also be shown while the train is still in a tunnel. This Feature ensures an even higher level of safety, especially during periods with exceptionally large numbers of passengers.

Your benefits:

  • No impaired visibility due to light or weather conditions

  • Simple installation

  • Maintenance-free operation

  • Suitable for both small and large stations

  • Can also be used while train is in a tunnel

Expert Features – Keeping rail systems “up-to-date“ – a rail life long

In order to ensure the availability of rail systems we offer you our ”Expert Features” service throughout the entire life cycle. This service includes first-class support by experienced experts – ranging from technical consulting to system support and upgrades.

No matter if it’s a complex failure search or an upgrade of technical solutions – we can help you. Our Solutions make sure that your system fits into new admission requirements smoothly. With our spare part solutions we ensure a reliable parts availability throughout the life span.

Your benefits:

  • Contact with specialists who are handling series-specific matters, such as technical consulting,
    modernization or obsolescence management

  • Uncomplicated access to expert know-how regarding rail systems or infrastructure within defined response times

  • Ensuring technology updates and further product development by utilizing system and service innovations

  • Improving the availability and reliability of your rail systems

  • Reducing life-cycle costs by continuously updating systems

  • Extending service life of rail systems as well as increasing the residual value