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Our Solutions


The optimal means of production for european rail freight transport. Vectron can be adjusted to your needs - today and tomorrow.


Service – as mobile as your rail systems. Railcover – the flexible service concept Railcover/englisch: Service – as mobile as your rail systems. Service-demands vary from case to case. Therefore we created Railcover. The tailor-made service-concept offers service exactly where your rail systems are and exactly when they need it. Railcover comes with modules which fit together like building blocks. With our support, maintenance, and materials modules we precisely meet your specific requirements.

Rail Mall

E-business – solution for ordering  your spare parts Rail Mall/englisch: E-business – solution for ordering  your spare parts. With one mouse click ordering your spare part. More than 20.000 spare parts and components for Siemens-vehicles and –infrastructure are waiting to order. This online-order platform increases the processes and decreases costs.

Fleet and crew management

In addition to performing functions for the automation of individual sequences, rail IT offers solutions for the optimization of entire operational processes. It is made possible by the intelligent networking and preparation of data. Fleet management concepts provide the planning, scheduling and control required for the efficient deployment of rolling stock on the rail network. Furthermore, crew management solutions ensure the best possible staff rostering to meet the most diverse requirements.

Controlguide CTmobile TSM

“Controlguide CTmobile TSM (Train State Monitoring)” is a concept developed by Siemens for the wireless transmission of sensor data in freight trains and ensures efficient use of the freight car fleet through optimum dispatching of the rolling stock and monitoring of the transport schedule. The CTmobile boxes on the individual cars enable seamless communication in the train for the purpose, for example, of monitoring the car sequence or acquiring status information on the individual freight cars. Unnecessary idle times can be avoided, vehicle locations determined at all times, and delays detected at an early stage. Data acquisition is wireless, after which the data is forwarded and visualized in a web browser.

eHighway: Electric-Powered Road Freight Traffic

The eHighway concept developed by Siemens is an innovative solution for the road freight traffic of the future. It combines proven Siemens technologies with new ideas for economic and ecologic sustainability to optimally implement the electrification of freight transport on the road.

Electrical components for the railway industry

We offer a broad portfolio of reliable and high-quality electrical components for the railway industry – for both rolling stock and infrastructure applications: We offer in the field of rolling stock components to control, switch, and protect air conditioning systems, windscreen heaters underfloor containers, hygiene cubicules and to control interior railway. In the field of infrastructure, our components ensure the fault-free operation of barriers, signals, sets of points, and platform doors. Selected network components ensure reliable wired and wireless communication – on the train as well as trackside.

Transport Logistics Platform

The Transport Logistics Platform (TLP) supports ordering and shipment processes to provide maximum transparency and full control of supply chains. Status information about shipments from the very beginning enables adequate measures in due time. Key performance indicators  will uncover potential for further optimization and identify inefficiencies.

TLP is not simply a tool to collect data it assists you operating and improving supply chains across company borders, including participating transportation modes. Siemens provides the TLP as a service-based IT system in the cloud.

Parcel Hub Suite – from sorting process centered IT to hub centered IT

The performance of your hub does not depend on the sorter alone but is a product of a seamless functional interaction of all hub components and staff. Our intelligent software will boost your parcel logistics and process efficiency ultimately.

Parcel bulk unload system

The parcel bulk unload system combines innovative and efficient technologies to provide high throughput with only few operators and using minimal floor space. Thanks to the technology, the efficiency of the unloading can be increased substantially.

Air Cargo Handling Solutions

Siemens supplies a wide range of products designed to meet the requirements of our customers, whether they are ground handler or logistics services. We concentrate our efforts to provide equipment and services in and around cargo terminals including complete air cargo terminals.

We offer systems with high availability that are easy to maintain and operate. Starting at the planning phase, we make sure, that your system can handle peaks without difficulty and that only those parts of the system, which are needed for forthcoming tasks, remain in operation during periods of low utilization. Of course, building in redundancy is also part of the planning phase. With our tried and tested products there are no compromises when it comes to ease of maintenance and Operation.