Fast and safe public transportation services determine the quality of life and the competitiveness of cities and regions around the world. Sustainable and optimally channeled mobility will play a key role in the 21st century – and our challenge is to simultaneously improve traffic flow and to reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions in large urban areas.
Our standardized metros offer maximum flexibility in your choice of vehicle length, air-conditioning system, or passenger capacity. To meet your particular demand, we can combine our service-proven metro components with very specialized modules to create a strong transit concept that’s right for you.

Inspiro – Inspiration for city life

In order to meet the diverse demands of tomorrow’s urban public transport, we have developed a metro, that sets new standards in its class. Inspiro is the new metro from Siemens bringing maximum utility through high transport capacities and low operating costs combined with the Siemens environmental benefit: energy efficiency and environmental friendliness at all stages from manufacture and daily operation to almost complete recyclability. The full integration of the Inspiro in the Siemens “Complete mobility” concept is also unique.

Customer focus

In addition to purely technical perfection, there are many other features that support a decision in favor of our metros – such as comfort, design, and low energy consumption. Working closely with our customers, we develop customized vehicle concepts adapted to the particular local situation and your specific preferences. Alternatively, working with you as partners, we can contribute our many years of expertise to the targeted completion of a given vehicle concept.

Optimized solutions

In fast-growing cities, the main emphasis is on the capacity and reliability of the system. Passengers expect short wait times and maximum availability. Varying climate conditions also pose a challenge that we are pleased to accept. We can configure our metros to meet the needs of very high passenger volumes, to operate reliably in extreme cold or equip them with efficient air conditioning systems. Naturally, we develop ideal concepts for the particular operator based on these and other fundamental requirements.

Projects in partnership

We have demonstrated in numerous projects how permanent success can be achieved either as the prime contractor or as a partner in a consortium. For Siemens, it is clear that we can only enjoy success if you, our customers, are successful too. Collaboration as partners in all project phases is the essence of successful implementation. This alone ensures that projects are completed on budget and within the scheduled time frame. However, our focus in not only on trouble-free development and implementation, but also on their subsequent efficient operation.