Road Solutions

Ensuring mobility while also reducing its negative impact on the economy, environment, and quality of life is one of the central challenges of our times.

Focusing on Innovation

This is particularly true for large cities and conurbations. As the world market leader in traffic technology, Siemens can look back on almost 100 years of unique experience in the implementation of suitable technologies and solutions. We take innovation seriously: Our systems are continuously redeveloped so that they correspond to state of the art technology. As far as sustainability is concerned, it goes without saying for us that new technology can be combined easily with already existing installations.

Solutions from One Source

Siemens supplies all elements required for the effective control of urban traffic from a single source, to cities and conurbations all over the world. This helps to measurably improve traffic flow, reduce environmental pollution caused by traffic, and to increase road safety.

Traffic Control Center Platform

Siemens has already planned and erected more than 1,000 traffic control centers all over the world – more than any other company. Our unique know-how forms the basis of Siemens’ products and solutions and is continuously incorporated in their further development. Our systems excel in the areas of flexibility, modularity and scalability.

Tools for Urban Traffic Control

Latest technologies and intelligent concepts: Our traffic tools for the planning supplying and handling of traffic systems are based on comprehensive know-how and are characterized by intuitive and easy handling.

Tolling Systems for Cities

There are a variety of toll solutions. The one-sided model of the toll as a means of refinancing has had its day. Siemens has contributed many intelligent solutions in this area.

Trends in Urban Traffic Technology

Siemens promotes innovation and pioneering trends and develops novel solutions and technologies. It goes without saying that the new can be combined with what is there already.

Integrated Smart Parking Solution

The Siemens Integrated Smart Parking Solution is a modular, infrastructure-based sensor system that goes beyond the possibilities of ground sensors.

Infrastructure and Urban Traffic Control

The amount and types of traffic are increasing all the time, which puts pressure on urban infrastructures. In many cities, therefore, there is a need to improve traffic handling. Siemens delivers the necessary infrastructure and traffic control.

Parking Space Management

Many conurbations suffer from a lack of parking or have a large amount of traffic in search of a parking space. Siemens offers the complete solution package for efficient parking space management.

Road Services

Along with technological solutions we offer manifold services to our customers. We render consulting, planning, maintenance and repair services, provide support during operation and training courses, and manage the quality and efficiency of the road traffic and street lighting systems.


Bus transportation is an important backbone of the urban public traffic system, no matter it is City Bus or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). The evolution of buses can be traced from combustion engines to hybrid technology and further in the direction of purely electricity powered buses.