Bus transportation is an important backbone of the urban public traffic system, whether it is City Bus or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).


The evolution of buses can be traced from combustion engines to hybrid technology and further in the direction of purely electricity powered buses.
Nowadays many electric buses are already in operation worldwide with different technical solutions.

An example from Siemens solution is the project in Vienna for the operator “Wiener Linien”, where 12 buses were put into regular operation in the Vienna city center by the end of 2012. The batteries will be charged in the depot and at the terminal bus station through a 2-pole current collector, which draws electrical power from the available overhead lines of the tram.

In this way, the eBus provides the regular service as usual and the space offered by the eBus is not limited by the batteries. The eBuses are also equipped with the access for the handicapped, kneeling system and modern safety equipment like ESP (electronic stabilisation program).

The Siemens solution can be integrated in different bus categories and is independent from different eBus manufacturers.

  • Electrical driven buses 8m, 12m and 18m articulated

  • Use of public roads

  • Range > 120km (unlimited operation autonomy with intermediate charging)

  • Enables high course flexibility

  • Charging stations, at depot or turning area with plug or pantograph

  • 1 charge / cycle or day

  • Own substations or utilization of tram catenary

  • Utilization of renewable energy

  • Approved components for electric drive

  • Air condition and heating full electric


  • Electrical driven buses mostly 18m and 24m articulated

  • Dedicated traffic lanes

  • For high passenger volume

  • Enables short cycle time and punctuality

  • Recharging at bus stations with pantograph

  • Optional with acceleration line

  • 1 charge / stop

  • Power supply by substations

  • Utilization of renewable energy

  • Approved components for electric drive

  • Air condition and heating full electric


  • Energy savings due to excellent energy efficiency and optimized energy recuperation

  • Zero local emissions (CO2, noise)

  • Decreased maintenance costs

  • Optimized ride comfort due to modern control systems

  • Siemens supplies complete eBus & eBRT technology and service

  • Standardized portfolio with the flexibility to adapt to customer’s individual requirements

  • With several bus manufacturers