Infrastructure and urban traffic control

The roadside traffic infrastructure comprises detectors for collecting all the necessary data as well as actuators, which guide the traffic by means of control and information. Yet urban requirements are as varied as the cities themselves. That is why Siemens has developed a particularly wide range of offers – making it possible to offer an optimum solution in each case.

Sitraffic One - The world’s most cost-effective traffic light

Sitraffic One will not only help your budget by lowering energy costs, but will also offer significant advantages in terms of sustainability – with the world’s most cost-effective traffic light based on One Watt technology.

Data Collection

The quality of almost all traffic systems depends on reliable data collection. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio, which is based on various technologies.

Sitraffic STREAM: Priority for mass transit!

Fast and convenient travel across the city, on buses that arrive on the dot at the bus stop, with exact arrival times indicated on easy-to-read dynamic displays – that’s what users expect from their public transport providers. With the new, satellite-based Sitraffic® STREAM prioritization system, these wishes can now be answered easily and cost-effectively – without impacting the flow of private traffic.

Sitraffic sX: the webbased all-in-one solution

The more complex traffic situations are at urban intersections, the greater the need for more intelligent control solutions. Sitraffic sX is a new generation of controllers for traffic lights and detectors. Downtimes are reduced and intersection safety increased thanks to brand-new developments in hardware and software.

Sitraffic Smart Detection - Made-to-measure traffic detection for your traffic management

Precise traffic data is essential. Sitraffic Smart Detection by Siemens offers made-to-measure traffic detection devices to suit the requirements of your traffic network.

Sitraffic SiBike “Green Wave” for cyclists

Sitraffic SiBike ensures green lights for cyclists. A smartphone app prioritizes cyclists at intersections – a cost effective solution for cities and communities striving for image improvement and a better quality of life as “Green Cities”.

Infrastructure for Urban Traffic Control

When we think of optimal traffic flow, we think of comprehensive solutions. In this way, we attain a visible improvement in traffic safety and look after the environment.

Sitraffic STREAM: Priority for fire brigades!

In an emergency, every second counts! Rescue vehicles need to arrive at the scene as quickly and safely as possible – without endangering other road users and without keeping cross traffic waiting any longer than absolutely necessary. With the new, satellite-based Sitraffic® STREAM prioritization system, this objective can now be reached easily and cost-effectively – with only minimal impact on the general flow of traffic.