Sitraffic SiBike - “Green Wave” for cyclists

Making cycling more attractive – it’s a great strategy for counteracting rising traffic volumes and increasing emission problems in cities and on community roads. That’s why Siemens is developing Sitraffic SiBike: the “Green Wave” for cyclists. With the help of a smartphone app, cyclists are prioritized at traffic lights. SiBike is a cost effective solution for cities and communities striving for image improvement and a better quality of life as “Green Cities”.

Why you should go for Sitraffic SiBike

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution and rising costs: A single mobility solution alone will not resolve all your infrastructure challenges. It will, however, contribute to making your city or community more modern, attractive and environmentally friendly.

Here is an overview of why you should introduce Sitraffic SiBike in your city:

  • You’ll make cycling a lot more attractive – a personalized and low-cost solution.

  • You’ll reduce the negative impacts of parking space searches, vehicle noise and harmful emissions.

  • You’ll lower the overall accident potential, as cycling is a lot less dangerous.

  • You’ll reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions.

  • You’ll make fast cycling lanes and cycling highways more attractive.

  • You’ll create more space, as cyclists require less space on the road and when parking.

  • You’ll improve the image of your city or community to an eco-friendly “Green City”.

  • You’ll improve the quality of life in metropolitan areas long-term.

Sitraffic SiBike – a smartphone app for green lights

The technology

A “green wave” is what drivers have come to expect: Traffic lights at junctions are switched in sequence so they can be reached and passed during the green light phase if drivers move at a constant speed. To date, “green waves” were aligned exclusively with the speeds of motor traffic. Very soon, however, Sitraffic SiBike will be extending the advantages of a “green wave” to cyclists as well – on cycling highways, fast cycling lanes, roads or cycling paths.

How does Sitraffic SiBike, the “green wave” for cyclists – actually work?

  • A cyclist installs the SiBike app on his smartphone

  • The smartphone uses GPS to pinpoint the cyclist’s location, speed and direction of travel

  • The GPS continuously checks whether the cyclist is passing virtual trigger points

  • When that happens, the app reports the activation of the trigger point to the traffic control center

  • The traffic control center will then send a command to the traffic light controller

  • When the cyclist approaches an intersection, the traffic light will automatically switch to green or extend the green phase for him to pass.

Find out more in this video:

Sitraffic SiBike – a cost-effective system

Advantages of an installation

The top advantage of Sitraffic SiBike: It is amazingly cost-effective. Implementation is easy and no construction is required. The only change necessary is the programming of the traffic light systems.

Sitraffic SiBike – highlights of the installation

  • The system is integrated into the existing traffic control system

  • No hardware changes are required

  • The controllers remain unchanged

  • The system is configured via Google Earth

  • The app is smart and easy to install

Sitraffic SiBike – Initial pilot projects

Initial micro-simulations with Sitraffic SiBike have proven: The app improves the road traffic experience for cyclists and shortens travel times. Initial pilot projects are now in the planning stage.