Sitraffic STREAM – our satellite-based prioritization system:
Priority for fire brigades!

STREAM stands for “Simple Tracking Realtime Application for Managing traffic lights and passenger information” and ensures that at every intersection the light automatically switches to green for the approaching rescue vehicle – with minimal extra waiting times for cross traffic.
Sitraffic STREAM benefits from the advantages of satellite navigation technology, which works without extensive and costly roadside installations. Every rescue vehicle carries a so-called on-board unit (OBU). The OBU uses GPS to determine the vehicle’s exact position and transmits the positioning data as well as the vehicle’s passage of one of the pre-defined virtual registration points to the traffic control center. Then the control center switches all traffic lights to green as soon as the vehicle is approaching. The positioning process is very precise; with a maximum tolerance of 5 m.

Rescue vehicle prioritization with minimal impact on cross traffic

Up to now, prioritization systems used to be tied to special ‘privileged’ rescue vehicle routes. Since it was not possible to track the vehicles in real-time, the green phases along the chosen route were activated at fixed time intervals, without reference to the vehicles’ actual progression. This meant long intervention phases of 3 to 5 minutes, with considerable impact on cross traffic.

Sitraffic STREAM allows online positioning of every single rescue vehicle to within 5 meters. Sitraffic STREAM interventions at an intersection generally don’t last longer than 40 seconds at the most. The registration points are a purely software-based function and require no roadside infrastructure.

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No special equipment for intersection controllers needed

The traffic controllers at the intersections can remain just as they are. No additional hardware components such as AFD, cables, receivers etc. are required to deploy Sitraffic STREAM because the traffic center uses the existing links to communicate with the intersection controllers such as Sitraffic C8xxx, C9xxx or others.

Successful deployment in Böblingen

In Böblingen, a mid-sized town south of Stuttgart, Sitraffic STREAM has been successfully performing as a prioritization solution for buses and fire brigade vehicles for some time now. The system was then tested on an actual route and yielded very positive results. At this point, the system is being expanded and is being implemented in the metropolitan area of Böblingen.

Excellent value - also in the experts’ eyes

  1. Best Practice Award for Telematics Applications
    For their joint Sitraffic STREAM pilot project, Siemens Mobility and Logistics and the town of Böblingen won the Best Practice Award for Municipal Telematics Applications in the “up to 50,000 inhabitants” category. The prize was created the European TelematicsPRO association in 2012.

  2. Winner of the “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas“ competition
    Sitraffic Stream in Böblingen is the 2013/2014 winner of the “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” competition in the topic area “Ideen finden Stadt” (“Ideas for the city”).

  3. The city of Böblingen won the Innovation Award for Public transport (LPT) in 2015
    This prize, assigned by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the State of Baden-Württemberg, honors projects which serve as pioneers in mobility in the state of Baden-Württemberg.