sX the webbased all-in-one solution

The more complex traffic situations are at urban intersections, the greater the need for more intelligent control solutions. Sitraffic sX is a new generation of controllers for traffic lights and detectors. Downtimes are reduced and intersection safety increased thanks to brand-new developments in hardware and software.

  • New technology increases availability and safety

  • For the first time ever, functional upgrades and controller updates are possible without disrupting ongoing operations

  • Intuitive controller configuration significantly simplified thanks to intelligent software

  • Access and operation via Internet browser, tablet or smartphone based on the latest HTML 5 technology

  • Part of a Web-based all-in-one solution from Siemens

The Sitraffic sX is part of a Web-based, scalable Sitraffic family with which even smaller towns can realise efficient traffic control. Sitraffic smartGuard is the first Web-based traffic control center with a TÜV safety certificate, so towns using this system do not have to invest in their own local traffic control center. The key functions of a traffic computer can be used via a Web-based service platform.

For the very first time, the new Siemens technology allows operators to extend the functions of controllers already deployed in the field by means of remote updates. There is no longer any need to interrupt ongoing operations. This is made possible by an additional real-time processor that can take over control of a set of traffic lights if required. Dangerous "lights out" situations are prevented and the dangerous traffic conditions minimised. Remote maintenance can also be carried out without shutting down the system and also reduces time-consuming on-site call-outs.

The new Sitraffic sX generation of controllers is internationally compatible and can be extended by adding new modules. Sitraffic sX can be deployed as a stand-alone device with a low-cost virtual traffic management solution or for comprehensively optimised and coordinated traffic control systems. The controller hardware represents a brand new development that can be installed with little cabling work. It can be extended up to 64 signal groups and 250 detectors. A new 230-volt low-power lamp switch for LED signal heads up to five watts ensures a particularly high level of energy efficiency and satisfies the most stringent requirements demanded for safety in road traffic (SIL 3).