Toll calculation based on traffic situation

It is possible to use a situation-based toll, which permits other vehicles to drive in the reserved traffic lanes, but also restricts the number of vehicles when necessary.

In many countries dedicated lanes are reserved for public transport services or for vehicles carrying several passengers. However, since these lanes are not always used to maximum advantage, they are made available to other drivers for a toll fee. When there is a danger that these lanes will become too crowded, the fee is increased. This has the effect of reducing the numbers of toll-paying users and of releasing sufficient capacity for the privileged vehicles.

Dynafee Algorith

This system brings out the benefits of Dynafee, an algorithm developed by ITS and successfully tested in real applications. It enables the toll fee to be calculated in accordance with the traffic situation and the traffic quality in these lanes. It guarantees that toll-paying drivers obtain an appropriate service on the toll section in terms of reduced travel times.