Tools for Urban Traffic Control

During the engineering phase, the implementation phase and in daily operation: Tools for planning, supplying, administrating and handling traffic systems support the traffic engineer or system operator whenever necessary.

The Sitraffic Office Traffic Signal System

With Sitraffic Office, we provide a fully integrated, modular software system, which has all the necessary tools on a shared database for:

  • planning

  • supply

  • programming

  • operative business and

  • service

Siemens offers a software system for the entire process - from the planning to the analysis. Sitraffic Office is part of this overall system. It replaces the previous software tools Sitraffic P2, Sitraffic Language (TL) and Sitraffic Control and now provides these functions in an integrated and combined system.

We have of course made it possible to migrate easily from the former systems to Sitraffic Office. Existing data files are copied and transferred.

Figure: One system for the entire process cycle

Sitraffic Office has the following special features:

  • Combination: The central data pool is also used to combine intersection, road and network planning. What has close ties in real traffic activities is also connected in the software. Planning also shows the database for supply, i.e. it is just supplemented and can then be managed from the target platform.

  • Consistency: The tool has one single central data pool, i.e. no multiple entries are necessary, between planning, supply and programming, which saves times and eliminates potential error sources, for example by reducing internal data imports and exports.

  • Optimum Workflow: Sitraffic Office uses the “multi-user-/multi-client-principle”, so that it is possible to work in parallel on the same projects at several workplaces.

  • Modular: The modular setup of Sitraffic Office facilitates the gradual realization of an entire system over a longer period of time, making functions and function packages available when they are needed.

Micro-Simulation with VISSIM

VISSIM is a microscopic simulation program for the modeling of multi-modal traffic flows at intersections and in networks.  VISSIM maps traffic both in urban and non-urban areas with a high level of accuracy and, along with motorized traffic, also takes cyclists and pedestrians into consideration.

A practical tool

A practical tool for the traffic planner and technician, both in order to

  • test the implemented traffic actuation and to

  • simulate the different traffic scenarios prior to their realization.

VISSIM can also be linked to the Sitraffic Motion MXsoftware module. This allows the consequences of parameterizations to be determined on the PC.

Helpful Tests in Advance

It is thus possible, long before the module is commissioned, to test the traffic quality of controlling measures and their influence on the traffic situation. Furthermore, it can be used to create helpful simulation studies. For example, if the real traffic situation can be sufficiently emulated in VISSIM, it is possible to assess in advance the effects of Sitraffic Motion MX on a specific street network. 

Everything to do with urban infrastructure: the VIA product family

The VIA tools and software offer solutions for specific tasks in modern road management.

Valuable support

VIA provides active support to the user in his/her work processes: They are used to record, coordinate and administrate the road infrastructure and the control and administration of street lighting. Typical tasks are:

  • Road condition database – VIA VIS

  • Roadworks management – VIA BAUSTELLE

  • Signposting – VIA WEGWEISUNG

  • Inventory of traffic-related infrastructure – VIA TRAFFIC

  • Control and administration of urban street lighting – VIA LUMEN

Mobile devices can be used to include objects with a geographic location. Infoservers allow the objects to be indicated on maps and to be administrated in the Internet or Intranet.