Traffic Control Center Platform

Siemens’ Traffic control center platform Sitraffic Concert, Sitraffic Scala and Sitraffic Guide integrates the formerly separate worlds of traffic management, traffic control and parking guidance. This enables customized system solutions to be developed which provide the flexibility and functions that are required for a city’s specific traffic situation.

Key Combinations

The compatible modules can be combined in almost any way and use the same database. Equipped with standard open interfaces, our traffic control centers can also be networked very well with existing technologies.

Other features:

  • Intuitive user interfaces,

  • Ergonomic handling,

  • List-based and map-based data representation

  • Graphic output, specially designed for urban analyses

Sitraffic Scala – the modular traffic computer system

Sitraffic Scala is Siemens’ modular traffic computer system. It facilitates the daily tasks of the traffic control center by efficiently mapping the operating processes of traffic lights based on the relevant application.

Sitraffic Guide – optimized parking space search

As much as 40% of inner-city traffic consists of vehicles looking for somewhere to park. The intelligent Siemens parking guidance systems help to achieve significant improvements in this area.

Sitraffic smartGuard

Maintaining a traffic control center can be very costly. That’s why Siemens developed Sitraffic smartGuard: a web-based traffic control center you can control via your PC, tablet PC or smartphone.

Sitraffic Concert – our traffic control center

Siemens’ Sitraffic Concert offers a traffic control center for integrated urban traffic management. It collects precise, important traffic data and provides a reliable overview.

Interfaces and standards

There are numerous systems and components in road traffic technology to ensure a smooth exchange of data between different systems and components. The Siemens control centers comply with the required standards and thus offers maximum integration.