Optimized Parking Space Search with Sitraffic Guide

Siemens has developed an intelligent system to relieve city traffic: Sitraffic Guide optimizes parking space search and thus relieves traffic flow into the cities. That means: Dynamic message signs/traffic guidance systems provide information to the driver on the current occupancy levels of individual parking areas and guide him/her along the shortest route to his/her final parking destination.

A dynamic parking guidance information system offers a whole range of advantages in city traffic. These include

  • better utilization and profitability of the car parks,

  • reduced traffic volume and environmental pollution

  • a more attractive city and better quality of life.

It is also possible to operate our parking guidance system as part of a higher-level traffic management system and not as an isolated, standalone system.

Thanks to its modular design, our Sitraffic Guide parking guidance system is scalable with various applications and can be expanded from a basic system and parking control center through to a parking guidance system with multi-user operation.