Sitraffic smartGuard - The web-based traffic control center for mobile devices

Full-scale traffic control centers are often too costly for small towns. That’s why Siemens developed Sitraffic smartGuard: a web-based traffic control center you can control via your PC, tablet PC or smartphone – without any need for separate hardware. Its mobile operability makes Sitraffic smartGuard a perfect addition to traffic management centers like Sitraffic Scala or Sitraffic Concert.

Why you should deploy Sitraffic smartGuard

  • Cloud-based traffic control center based on the largest traffic computer in the world

  • No separate traffic computing hardware required

  • Traffic management and traffic control with any mobile end device with internet capability (smartphone, tablet PC, notebook)

  • Optimized monitoring of traffic lights, detectors, available parking spaces and traffic conditions

  • High compatibility with a variety of light signal system interfaces – including third party products

  • User-friendly thanks to easy operation

  • Automatic update of latest software release

Which scenarios is Sitraffic smartGuard best suited for?

Hiring functions instead of buying hardware – Sitraffic smartGuard is an operator model traffic control center. Siemens looks after the IT, operates the traffic control center with all the trimmings and carries out all service and maintenance tasks, as well as the implementation of software updates. Sitraffic smartGuard is therefore an attractive solution for two scenarios in particular:

Sitraffic smartGuard as a virtual traffic control center for small towns and rural areas

Sitraffic smartGuard as a supplement for traffic control center solutions like Sitraffic Scala or Concert

Sitraffic smartGuard requires no on-site traffic computing hardware. The core hardware for the system is operating at Siemens in Munich. 
All essential basic functions of a traffic control center are made available to you. This solution is therefore ideally suited for small towns and rural areas.

Your benefits: You have access to a full traffic control center without any investment costs.

In addition to the available operating options via the central traffic control system, Sitraffic smartGuard additionally offers traffic control access via mobile devices. It is therefore a perfect addition to our traffic management center Sitraffic Scala/Concert.

Your benefits: Quicker and easier access to your traffic system – anytime, anywhere. Traffic monitoring for large public events can be done from the comfort of your home.

Sitraffic smartGuard: At home around the world

Sitraffic smartGuard: Raises the bar in traffic technology

Any user of smartphones and apps will have no problem operating smartGuard. A concise and intuitive user interface ensures optimal usability. The application displays only required functions.

How does smartGuard actually work? – Find out more:

Sitraffic smartGuard: Hiring functions instead of buying hardware

Sitraffic smartGuard is an operator model traffic control center. That means for you: No hardware investment. And you can concentrate on your core business. You have access to numerous functions that are always up to date.

Map display

Map display: One click shows all

OpenStreetMap offers an overview of your entire traffic system. Important information about individual objects (LSA, detectors, parking facilities) are integrated in the map.

The map view allows you to

  • Display tool tips

  • Adjust zoom levels

  • Wipe to move map sections

  • Filter and search traffic technology objects

List function

List function: Custom sorting and grouping

If you prefer working with lists you can have your key information displayed in list form.

The list function allows you to

  • Utilize the sorting and grouping function (device type, control level, device name or number)

  • View a detail window with all relevant information

  • Call up information about detectors assigned to relevant systems and show it directly in list view


Dashboard: Watch list keeps you up to date

You can view the current system status at a glance in your
dashboard. Alarms are marked in red, warnings in yellow. Their respective causes can be found quickly.

The dashboard allows you to

  • Monitor individual objects

  • Monitor changes to individual objects over extended periods of time

  • Display status changes of traffic technology objects

  • Request hourly, daily or weekly summaries

Sitraffic Stream

Sitraffic Stream: Monitoring satellite-based prioritization

Sitraffic smartGuard allows access to the satellite-based bus and
emergency vehicle prioritization system Sitraffic Stream.

Sitraffic Stream allows you to:

  • Display current locations of buses and emergency vehicles

  • Display signaling points in a list or on the map

Sitraffic smartGuard: ISO/IEC 27001-Norm certified

Guaranteed reliability: The availability, reliability and security of smartGuard are ISO/IEC 27001-Norm certified. ISO/IEC 27001 certification of our product, system and service portfolio means that all IT security technologies are consistently state of the art. The two-level smartGuard security concept and the security standards of the field devices, servers and data transmission protocols contribute to the system’s high security standard.