Sitraffic Vehicle-to-X - Intelligently digitalized roads

The digitalization of our road system is of critical importance for economic growth and quality of life. Interstate as well as urban and local traffic volumes are rising continuously. That is why Siemens has developed the Sitraffic ESCoS Vehicle-to-X technology: An intelligent communication technology that interconnects vehicles and infrastructure systems. Vehicle-to-X is part of the “Internet of Things” in the traffic management environment. It offers more precise key indicators for your traffic situation, optimizes traffic flow, reduces tail backs and accidents and minimizes emissions much more efficiently than before.

Infrastructure challenges which can be addressed with Sitraffic Vehicle-to-X

Siemens Sitraffic ESCoS Vehicle-to-X can help you create a more contemporary, attractive and environmentally friendly traffic infrastructure on highways, in cities and in communities.

Here is an overview of how Sitraffic Vehicle-to-X can assist you:

  • You’ll optimize traffic flow and reduce tail backs and heavy traffic.

  • You’ll shorten the door-to-door travel time for vehicles.

  • You’ll improve traffic safety and lower accident rates.

  • You’ll promote steady traffic flow at construction sites.

  • You’ll ensure more efficient personal vehicle traffic, reducing pressure on interurban and urban public transport.

  • You’ll reduce CO2 emissions.

  • You’ll enhance the image of your city or community to an eco-friendly “Green City”.

  • You’ll improve the quality of life in metropolitan areas long-term.

Vehicle-to-X – Future vision: with Car2X, Rail2X, Ship2X and Airplane2X

Vehicle-to-X interconnects existing systems more efficiently. The implementation of an overall concept that will also include trains, ships and planes is a goal and vision we continue to work on every day.

Zu Vehicle-to-X zählen:

Car2X is ready to go (the implementation of an overall concept is at the planning stage).
Rail2X, Ship2X and Airplane2X will utilize the Sitraffic ESCoS solution for trains, ships and planes in the future.


The intelligent communication system for vehicles and infrastructure

Car2X is the answer: The joint venture traffic management system by Siemens interconnects vehicles and infrastructure as well as traffic control centers. The control center communicates with vehicles with regards to time critical topics like SPAT via RSU and with regards to non-time critical topics like IVI via LTE. Tail back and accident prevention is improved and harmful emissions are significantly reduced. In the context of cities and communities that means a better quality of life and economic growth.

Car2X – How this intelligent technology works

  • Traffic technology is supplemented with Sitraffic ESCoS RSU technology.

  • Vehicles continuously report their position, speed and direction of travel via a Car2X onboard unit (GPS).

  • The traffic management system communicates traffic information, restrictions and warnings.

  • The traffic management control center controls traffic more efficiently using the Car2X information received.

Sitraffic ESCoS RSU – The innovative field device for Vehicle-to-X and Car2X

The technological centerpiece of Vehicle-to-X is the joint venture control center Sitraffic ESCoS-CMS and the networking field device Sitraffic ESCoS-RSU. Sitraffic CMS was designed specifically to summarize the complex structures of urban and interurban control centers and parking facilities. Sitraffic RSU was developed for ITS communication with vehicles equipped with that standard. The field device is a perfect fit for urban traffic networks or highways.

Technical innovations

  • Integration of all internationally required V2X communication standards

  • High security standards, including PKI Handling via ESCoS-CMS

  • Open controller interfaces with standard connections

Technical advantages

  • Can be utilized as a standalone or integrated solution

  • Complete integration in the Sitraffic system universe available, including connections to ESCoS-CMS and Sitraffic Cxx

  • Complies with EU and US standards

  • Easy installation

References- Car2X

Corridor between Rotterdam, Frankfurt (Main) and Vienna

The Central European “Car2X Corridor” is currently under construction and
will connect Rotterdam, Frankfurt (Main) and Vienna. The corridor is a pilot project in which the Netherlands, Germany and Austria are implementing the Vehicle-to-X technology in collaboration with industry partners.

Initial applications:

  • Road works warnings: Road works trailers (so-called road works warning sign trailers) transmit their location and lane guidance details at the construction site to traffic control centers via wireless communication and to vehicles via ITS-G5 802.11p.

  • Traffic situation detection by vehicles: They transmit their location, direction of travel and speed.

  • Traffic signs and traffic light information are transmitted to the vehicle.

Telematics test site in Vienna

Siemens and project partners including Asfinag and AustriaTech have implemented the new Vehicle-to-X technology on a 45 kilometer test route in Vienna. During test operations, sensors and cameras capture the current traffic situation.

The result after around 200 test runs:

  • Car2X information allows drivers to dynamically adapt their driving behavior to ambient conditions.

  • The use of Car2X harmonizes traffic flow significantly, resulting in increased road safety.