Siemens Mobility at InnoTrans 2022

September 20 – 23, 2022, Messe Berlin hub27 and outdoor area
The future of rail has arrived

Destination Digital

Our Siemens Mobility presentation at InnoTrans 2022.

Our journey began back in April 2022 with the build-up to InnoTrans: Destination Digital. On the way, we’ve introduced you to a wealth of inspiring topics from how to optimize lifecycle costs to achieving 100% system availability – all with pioneering digital solutions that are setting new standards for our industry.


It was time to connect our digital exchange with face-to-face communication. InnoTrans 2022 openend its doors and we were able to show you our products and solutions in person at our more than 80 showcase exhibits.

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The story

Destination Digital

We make digital solutions part of today’s reality.

Rail is seen as the game-changer in combating climate change.

How will we manage it?


We’re confident digitalization will play a major role. Because meeting the growing demand for rail doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make large investments in new infrastructure. Improving your existing one may be even more effective.


These are the main advantages we see digitalization enabling:


·     Optimized lifecycle costs with digital train solutions

·     100% system availability

·     Maximized network capacity

·     Optimized customer experience and processes


We are leading this transformation with our new open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator, helping train and rail network operators deliver added value across their core processes.

Optimize the lifecycle costs of your rail business

Our trains and infrastructure solutions come with built-in connectivity and services that can be activated on demand. This new generation of intelligence enhances the experience and safety for your passengers and staff, while reducing costs and accidents, and delivering higher added value to your rail assets.

Know your rail system is always running

As trains are equipped for the digital future, the demand for holistic digital asset management for rail systems increases. This transformation enables a shift from reactive response and maintenance to data-driven decisions that increase the capacity of entire fleets for up to 100% system availability.

Get the most out of your network

Passenger and freight traffic are growing faster than the rail networks. By moving existing rail infrastructure to the cloud and enabling automated driving, network capacity on existing lines can be increased. At the same time, energy consumption decreases and operations become more sustainable. 

Improve your passenger experience and optimize your operations with the power of our software

Software solutions will be a game-changer for operators, delivering improved utilization, availability and interoperability. At the same time, your customers can benefit from a seamless travel experience from the first to the last mile. Welcome to the future: mobility as a service.

Our open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator

Connect trains, infrastructure, operators, and passengers virtually in order to optimize rail traffic in a sustainable and seamless way.

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