Innovative station management solutions for mass transit operators

June 28, 2021, Webinar by Siemens Mobility for North America

Innovative station management solutions for mass transit operators in North America

Railway stations play a crucial role in the entire mass transit network system. They act as a central hub for the beginning and ending of many journeys and bring communities together while promoting sustainable mobility. As stations play an important role, it is important for operators to ensure they are run efficiently, safely, and effectively to help provide a seamless journey experience for passengers.

In this webinar, our experts will provide insights on our digital innovation portfolio and take a deep dive into our Digital Station Manger solution. Our solutions can offer greater automation, leading to improved decision making for mass transit operators. In addition, you’ll learn about the latest technologies such as 5G and how they provide improved services for passengers and support operators in streamlined operations.


We will be happy to have you join our webinar to learn how our solutions can support you best in your daily operations.


There will also be plenty of time for your questions. A recording will be available for those who have registered but couldn’t join on the day. The webinar will be conducted in English.


We are looking forward to meeting you virtually and answering your questions!


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June 28, 2021 at  9.00 a.m. ET

What to expect

This webinar allows experts and associates to give short speeches summarizing their work and findings, followed by a moderated panel discussion where you can raise your questions. 

Agenda (90 mins)

  1. Welcome and overview with Tobi Bauer
  2. Radio overview Manfred Schienbein
  3. 5G (Manfred Schienbein and Ali Hammari)
  4. Innovation in Freight Communication (Omer Metel)
  5. Enhanced customer value of connectivity and portfolio elements (Pedro de Melo Pereira)
  6. Digital Station Manager (Alex Spyra)
  7. Capacity Solutions (Theresa Pancini Fitzek)
  8. DSS voice recognition (Fabio Henrique Grossi)
  9. Q&A


The timing of the webinar is at 9:00 a.m. ET




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