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Innovating the way we travel

A more sustainable, and at the same time more convenient mobility ecosystem will be more diverse and seamlessly connect many different modes of transport. Intermodal solutions will play a leading part in the future mobility value chain and in a world in which private car ownership will be much less important.

Future mobility will be based on efficient intermodal systems that combine public transport with sharing services such as carpooling and on-demand transport solutions. Such intermodal systems can make mobility much more efficient and ecofriendly. Smart MaaS (Mobility as a Service) platforms that integrate intelligent journey planning, ticketing and booking, and big data analytics enable intermodal mobility systems that benefit both travelers and operators.


Cities and public transport operators can successively develop intermodal concepts and integrate means of transport and functions for trip planning, booking, ticketing, and payment step by step, thanks to modular software. Transport planning systems that combine infrastructure, timetables, capacity planning, and train path management, as well as all interaction within the transport system, help network providers and operators to make the most of their infrastructure, while demand-responsive transport solutions can complement the conventional public transport network with efficient first- and last-mile solutions that provide attractive alternatives to the private car.