Cab radios and on-board communication

Cab radios and on-board communication

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Product overview

Next generation: The future of GSM-R with the benefits of IP communications (FRMCS)

The global communications standard for more than 20 years, GSM-R has continuously been a secure platform for voice and data communication. Siemens Mobility has today developed the hardware-ready platform that will support next-generation GSM-R requirements.
Cab radios

Communication devices for every railway application

The Siemens Mobility range of GSM-R cab radios, display panels, applications and accessories delivers safe and secure voice and data communications. The cost-effective products are designed for ease of installation, replacement, maintenance, and operation. Siemens Mobility also offers retrofittable radios and standard rack-mounted units.

Voice radios

Data radios

Data radios transfer packet switched data over the GSM-R network. Systems are suitable for easy installation in European Train Control System (ETCS) equipment.

Cab radio remote management terminal

Let administrators manage cab radios remotely

The cab radio remote management terminal (CRMT) lets administrators manage cab radios remotely via an IP connection. This allows for easy updates of a cab radio’s software, phone book entries, and message templates. The management terminal is able to keep track of a whole fleet’s cab radios via their types and serial numbers. Error logs and language files can also be administered. Maintenance and management tasks can be scheduled to run while a radio is idle, while automating certain tasks is also possible.

Control panels

Relevant information and intuitive interaction at all times

Siemens Mobility drivers control panels benefit from long-standing development and research. All design decisions are founded on real-world operations. Train drivers' feedback and assessments are fed back into product development.
On-board applications

Train digitalization: On-board applications

Nexus cab radios can be used as a platform for applications that offer completely new ways to support drivers, train staff and operators – all without requiring new hardware. If a Nexus cab radio is not in use, Nexus stand-alone devices are available, enabling the use of applications independent of the cab radio system.
Siemens Mobility to upgrade more than 11,000 communication radios for Network Rail

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