Intelligent CCTV

Intelligent CCTV
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Intelligent CCTV at a glance

Data Analytics and Algorithm for Safety and Comfort

How can you get your passengers a stronger sense of safety? Sharpen your view of everything that happens inside your vehicles. Our Intelligent Closed Circuit Television (Intelligent CCTV) provides you with all information about occupancy levels, passenger flow, and safety-related incidents in the blink of an eye. It supplements traditional monitoring with an active evaluation of video and audio on board your entire fleet. Analyzed by powerful algorithms in real time. Available for your crew, for passengers, and track-side systems. Usable in all rail-based vehicles, from trams to high-speed trains.

Extended Perspectives within Your Standard Video Surveillance

Intelligent CCTV is part of an integrated Train IT system. It offers a smart and safe way to turn real-time video data from your trams or trains into relevant information for personnel and passengers. These applications help you to improve punctuality, passenger safety, and satisfaction – and support autonomous driving.

Operating principles

Integrate Intelligence throughout the System

Proof points

Current Use Cases of Intelligent CCTV

Tomorrow's surveillance – in use today. Discover where Intelligent CCTV is already proving its capabilities.

Have a look at our digital rail operations

Our Digital Rails Operations are technically enabled by secure seamless Train IT system in combination with intelligent use of rail data to create added value for passengers and operators.

Train IT

Take the lead over the competition – with powerful, future-oriented IT systems for your trains. With this fully integrated solution, you control your vehicles from one central point – and get full access to all train data in one place.


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