Remote Software Updates

Remote Software Updates
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Keep On Moving with Remote Software Updates

Take the pain out of updating your on-train software – with Train IT Remote Software Updates. Use this cutting-edge solution to deploy new software versions to your trains while they are operating, so that your trains spend more time on the tracks and less in the depot. The Railigent-based Configuration Management service makes the update process even easier. Whether you are rolling out a new software version to individual trains or to your entire fleet, this Train IT solution comes with state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures to keep you and your passengers safe.

Load software while your trains are rolling

Keep your trains on the tracks, not in the depot. Load new software versions to your trains remotely, and shorten your maintenance windows.

Cut maintenance downtimes

Trigger updates right away when your train comes to the depot for its regular maintenance. Thanks to Train IT Remote Software Updates, the right programs are already waiting for your vehicles. Some systems can even be updated during passenger operation.

Increase safety and flexibility

Deploy updates with confidence, and without administrative overheads. The Train IT Security Gateway strictly guards your train’s safety-critical systems against outside risk factors.

Efficient and Secure

Whether on the track or in the depot – you can prepare your updates for each train directly from your wayside operations center, and trigger them at the appropriate time. The correct software versions are already uploaded to your trains, minimizing the risk of human errors.

Have a look at our digital rail operations

Our Digital Rails Operations are technically enabled by secure seamless Train IT system in combination with intelligent use of rail data to create added value for passengers and operators.

Cybersecurity for rail

The faster digitization progresses, the more opportunities open up. But also for cyberattacks. Protecting sensitive data against illegal access is more crucial than ever. That's why Siemens Mobility is committed to securing complex transport systems.

Train IT

Take the lead over the competition – with powerful, future-oriented IT systems for your trains. With this fully integrated solution, you control your vehicles from one central point – and get full access to all train data in one place.


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