Assisted and driverless train operation

Assisted and unattended driving
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The New Era of assisted and driverless train operation

Growing urbanization accelerates the demand for more mobility – and reinforces an unstoppable trend: the shift of transport from road to rail. But it faces a coming shortage of competent drivers. The key to counteract is assisted driving and driverless trains and trams. Driverless train operation for metro systems is already state-of-the-art. Examples include the automation of subway line 1 in Paris, the subway in Nuremberg, as well as many other new metro lines in the world. But mainline and tram operators plan to increase the capacity, flexibility, and energy efficiency of rail operations using higher levels of automation. It starts with assistance systems that continuously support drivers in their tasks. And continues with a key building block for future train automation – automatic obstacle detection based on a rail perception system. Our Rail Perception System combines sensors and data analytics technologies on vehicles to automatically perceive the surrounding and to trigger actions. Automatic obstacle detection based on the Rail Perception System can assist your drivers in avoiding collisions on the track. Combined with train control and rail infrastructure it enables assisted and driverless train operation (GoA Level 3 and 4).

Your benefits of assisted and unattended train operation:

Lower repair costs and higher availability of your trains by avoiding or reducing damage from accidents

Increased punctuality and flexibility by driverless train operation 

Improved safety and throughput 

More comfort for your passengers by smooth acceleration and braking

How a rail perception system works

Thanks to automatic perception of the train´s surroundings, driving, warning and braking actions are triggered, to enable assisted or driverless train operation.

Key benefits

A closer look at the sensor types

Assisted and unattended driving becomes reality – with a new kind of view. The fusion of three perspectives leads to a profound 3D image of the surrounding.
Rail perception in practice

Safer Transportation with Automatic Obstacle Detection

Siemens’ automatic obstacle detection based on the Rail Perception System enables you as a train or tram operator to realize different use cases:
  • Driver assistance: (automatic) train operation with collision avoidance support
  • Driverless depot operation
  • Driverless vehicle stabling and provision
  • Driverless operation on specific sections and on entire lines
Proof points

Current Use Cases of Rail Perception System

Tomorrow's mobility – in use today. Discover where our Rail Perception System is already proving its capabilities.

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