Vectron DE

The Vectron diesel version

The Vectron DE is a well-designed diesel-electric locomotive with excellent running characteristics. Like the other Vectron locomotives, Vectron DE meets all your requirements. You benefit from low fuel consumption, maximum ease of repair, extreme reliability in operation, and standard-compliant technology. Vectron DE is currently authorized in Germany and Austria.

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The approach

Proven concepts in a modern form

Vectron DE incorporates Siemens’ expertise as a market leader in the production of diesel-electric locomotives in Europe – and in particular, it features the many proven technologies of the Eurorunner. Specific improvements like the placement of the dynamic braking resistor in the machine room and a maximum speed of 160 km/h complete the concept. The result is a modern diesel locomotive adapted to your freight traffic requirements.

Standard-compliant technology

In 2012, emissions requirements became even stricter with European Directive EU97/IIIB. It mandated an 88 percent reduction in particulate emissions and a 40 percent reduction in the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx), compared with the previous standards. Vectron DE complies with this directive by feeding the exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber and thereby avoiding NOx emissions altogether. To reduce particulate emissions, it uses a particle filter that’s integrated into the exhaust silencer and therefore requires no additional installation space.

Uniquely reliable and economical

The Vectron DE locomotive’s diesel engine was specifically developed for conditions in railway applications. The single-engine concept employs a minimum of moving parts and so offers the highest possible reliability in operation. Vectron DE also proved itself through its low fuel consumption.

In detail

Outstanding performance for optimal operation

Thanks to its proven diesel-electric drive system with three-phase AC technology, Vectron DE offers efficiency values that are 5 to 10 percent better than diesel-hydraulic efficiency values in all service conditions and on all power levels – with correspondingly low fuel consumption. In operation, it often fulfills the schedules of six-axle diesel locomotives currently in use.

Vectron DE at a glance

Vectron DE facts and figures


The ideal addition to the Vectron portfolio

Vectron locomotives have operated successfully throughout Europe since 2010. They’ve accumulated more than 150 million kilometers of service and are authorized for operation in 18 countries. Vectron DE is certified for Germany and Austria.

Vectron DE – economy in operation


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The diesel version of Vectron, Vectron DE, is being deployed by four customers in Germany and Austria: the Test and Validation Center Wegberg-Wildenrat, RDC Autozug Sylt, Infraleuna GmbH, and Stern & Hafferl Verkehrsgesellschaft in Austria. Four locomotives have also been leased to DB Cargo. Vectron DE is valued for its extreme reliability and economy in operation –providing the perfect solution for freight traffic.


The Vectron diesel locomotive

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