The Art of Intelligence

Discover a new experience of the data that drives you.. Launch of our unique art piece at Innotrans 2016!
Reading data is an art

From digital to visual

Using mobility data to move people in a completely different way

Data consists of valuable information that enhances people’s lives and it has so many stories to tell. While Siemens interprets data to deliver results to their customers and improve how their technology performs, offering people a first-hand experience of it is more challenging. But what if a different kind of expert interpreted data to create something entirely different, something that would help people grasp its full potential? Using Siemens data, award-winning digital media artist Refik Anadol is making the invisible visible: Using specialist software, he has translated data into a stunning, tangible piece of art that we can all enjoy.

'Every single moment we are surrounded by data! But how can we reflect this reality by expanding the boundaries of our perception through the lens of media art?’
Refik Anadol, media artist
Data driving innovation

How data drives innovation

Creating intelligence that moves people

Data is almost everywhere – but that doesn’t make it any easier to comprehend. Siemens decided to initiate the creation of an art-based visualization - an ideal way to make data more tangible, while also creating a unique feeling and understanding of how data works.

Siemens, for example, uses data for the continuous improvement of its products and mobility solutions. Siemens Digital Services make mobility safe, reliable, punctual and energy-efficient. Powered by Sinalytics, Siemens uses data supplied by hardware to help engineers to to anticipate malfunctions before actual problems occur and to target maintenance accordingly. In fast paced environments, data allows for quick decision making as well as short communication channels. It also allows products and services to be adapted more individually to specific needs. Whether it is the data of a timetable´s capacity peak to improve the accuracy of trains or using data to improve the comfort during a journey, reading data is an art that has a very real effect.

For the future of the mobility business, vehicles alone are not the decisive factor. For customers, it is about the lifetime costs of vehicles and their efficient use. Success can be achieved only with the help of bundled data from vehicles, the
Gerhard Kreß, Head of Siemens Mobility Data Services Center

Impressions from the installation

See how the spectacular sculpture was presented at InnoTrans 2016 – from day to night.
Making of

The whole transformation of data into art

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