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We offer your employees the latest theoretical and practical knowledge – directly from the manufacturer.

Well-trained employees are an important success factor for every company involved in railway operations. That’s why Siemens Mobility Services offers you training courses for both rolling stock and infrastructure. These are training elements that can be applied flexibly and taught in modules – which in turn enables you and your employees to acquire valuable knowledge and keep pace with the latest technology.

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Certified Training

Practical knowledge from rail professionals for rail professionals

Our academies offer you the exclusive, qualified knowledge of experienced Siemens experts and a direct link to practice, thanks to our own rail traffic infrastructure used specifically for training purposes. In modular learning units, we offer career beginners, non-specialists, and experts the opportunity to increase their knowledge in specific areas of expertise. The training courses are aligned with your particular requirements and challenges.

Expertise directly from the manufacturer

Help your employees become the expertise owners in the sector. Our Rolling Stock Academy offers you basic training and driver training as well as courses on components and repair. Instruction from experienced and highly qualified instructors is also the principle supporting our Rail Automation Academy. We create a close relationship between theory and practice through the simulation of real-life conditions in our test centers, and by transferring the knowledge of experienced employees working on current projects. We are backed by collaborative partners at universities and by operators who can attest to the outstanding status of our training curricula. Where will you train? Wherever it’s most practical – for example, at our factory locations in Graz,Austria, or Nuremberg, Germany, at one of our test centers, with our collaborative partners, or at our training facilities in Erlangen and Brunswick, Germany. Most often, however, we offer training courses on site at our customers’ own locations, because that’s where the systems are installed and used operationally.

Our training locations in Germany

Training courses with Siemens in Erlangen

There are two training rooms available here: one seminar room for up to 20 people and one PC training room with 12 workstations. Both venues are equipped with modern technical equipment. In these rooms, the Rolling Stock Academy offers Division-specific courses on rolling stock and cross-Division seminars on SAP, compliance, export control/customs, software, quality management, and the signature control process.

Siemens AG, Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 67, 91052 Erlangen, Germany

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Basic, driver, component, and repair training

Training courses at Siemens in Brunswick

In Brunswick, there are six rooms available for training up to 20 people. All rooms are equipped with modern technical equipment. Training courses for maintenance personnel, system administrators, and operators of mass transit railways are held at the Mass Transit Test Center, where the educational principle is to provide hands-on training from practical experts. The training courses at the System Test Center (STC) are based on the same principle, providing practical skills for realistic testing of electronic interlockings.

Siemens Mobility GmbH, Ackerstrasse 22, 38126 Brunswick, Germany
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Customized and exclusive training courses – or entire seminar series

Comprehensive expertise in the area of rail vehicles and rail automation


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Training courses with the best references

The transfer of our expertise is both theoretical and practical – as well as international.

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From basic training and driver training to courses dealing with components and repair – our Mobility Academy offers you a broad selection. Search the catalog under “Rolling Stock” and “Rail Automation” or use the advanced training search and select the right program for you and/or your employees. We look forward to your participation.

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