SafeZone – the face of modern speed enforcement

Through cities, towns, villages, on urban and interurban roads, and past schools, SafeZone is a Home Office Type-Approved average speed enforcement system. It is based on industry-leading automatic license plate recognition technology. SafeZone provides effective speed enforcement in zones that extend between pairs of cameras that are mounted at the side of either single or dual-lane highways or on cantilever poles or bridges over multilane roads.

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Reducing speeds, improving safety

SafeZone’s advanced technology and ease of deployment makes it cost-effective for residential, city, rural, or motorway enforcement. Siemens’ fully qualified team of highway and system design engineers will help you evaluate suitable locations and design all aspects of your SafeZone deployment.

How does SafeZone work?

  • Each camera in the enforced network reads the license plate of every vehicle passing through its field of view 
  • It sends an encrypted plate read including time and date stamp to the Evidence Retrieval and Control Unit (ERCU) back office
  • At the back-office, the plates are matched from two or more cameras 
  • The time difference between the matched reads is used to determine the average speed of the vehicle between cameras
  • Evidential records are created for vehicles that exceed the set speed threshold 
  • These encrypted records are transferred from the ERCU to an Offense Viewing and Decision System (OVDS) for decrypting and viewing, before being passed on to third-party penalty notice management systems
  • Powerful data filtering and sorting strategies in the OVDS allows for effective intelligence-led enforcement
  • In addition, a data analysis function allows comprehensive reporting of violation statistics

With integrated license-plate recognition software and dual-lane IR and color overview cameras.

Collects passage data, checks for speed violations between defined camera pairs, and produces encrypted evidential records when a speed violation is detected. 

For viewing, verifying, and processing offense data with interfaces to all major deployed penalty notice processing systems.

SafeZone. Community benefits

  • Smooths traffic flow and reduces congestion 
  • Reduces noise and environmental pollution levels
  • Limits visual intrusion on existing street scene
  • Proven high driver compliance with speed limits
  • Provides educational platform for schools
  • High level of public acceptance compared with traditional spot-speed enforcement
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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.


London, Bedford, and The Hague: With SafeZone Siemens provides an innovative solution to help tackle challenges in traffic management. 

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The face of modern speed enforcement

SafeZone provides effective speed enforcement in zones that extend between pairs of cameras – for residential, city, rural, or motorway enforcement.

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