Integrated Truck Guidance

Intelligent, innovative, integrated – smart truck traffic control from Siemens

Due to the continued worldwide growth of goods transport volumes, logistics and traffic hubs are facing huge challenges. Ports, airports and freight terminals as well as industrial sites need to prepare for changing goods flows and eliminate bottlenecks, for instance by implementing processes for transparent, fast and efficient truck guidance. This is where Integrated Truck Guidance comes into its own: The smart truck flow control system makes more efficient use of existing resources and generates new capacity.

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Integrated Truck Guidance

Everyone is informed, everything flows

Integrated Truck Guidance combines logistics scheduling data and traffic-related real-time information on field level. The application builds on the existing IT landscape, runs on mobile devices as well and can be accessed online.

Integrated Truck Guidance in a nutshell

Truck drivers use a smartphone app to log into the system. The system determines their position by means of GPS and retrieves the relevant real-time traffic data for the respective route. Thus drivers and recipients can see at a glance whether the scheduled and the estimated arrival times match up.

If this is the case, the driver can continue on the planned route. If not, targeted measures can be taken and new arrangements made in good time. When combined with sophisticated hardware, the system provides the hub operator with full transparency regarding the current traffic situation around the hub.

Goods produced and delivered on the same day – thanks to Integrated Truck Guidance.

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Systematic flow of information

Everyone benefits

Integrated Truck Guidance. Benefits and highlights

  • Smart truck flow control for ports and airports, freight hubs and industrial sites
  • Ideal basis for optimizing and coordinating the multiple transport modes that the hubs of the future will need to integrate
  • Comprehensive support in designing and implementing tailored transport and logistics solutions
Integrated Truck Guidance

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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.
Reference projects

Integrated Truck Guidance

The world's largest inland port is situated in Duisburg. As the leading logistics hub in Central Europe, the port is a focal point for freight transport within, from and to Central Europe. A perfect place for the first implementation of Integrated Truck Guidance in the scope of a pilot project.

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Intelligent truck flow control

Across the world, goods transport volumes keep rising, creating huge challenges for transport hubs such as ports, airports and freight terminals. A key lever for boosting efficiency at and around logistics hubs: faster turn-around of trucks. Here, substantial efficiency potential is waiting to be tapped to the full – with the help of Integrated Truck Guidance, the smart truck flow control.

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