Sitraffic Guide

Parking guidance systems for your town

Limited parking capacity, high share of parking-related traffic: In city centers, road users looking for a parking space account for up to 40 percent of overall traffic volumes. As an answer to the challenges in urban agglomerations, Siemens has developed solutions for efficient parking space management for parking lots and parking garages – parking guidance systems that significantly improve the parking situation.

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Sitraffic Guide

Makes city centers more attractive

A parking guidance system helps to minimize parking-related traffic by efficiently guiding road users to available parking spaces. Depending on the system's architecture, drivers will be provided with parking information while still on their way to the city center so they can take the shortest route to a conveniently located parking facility.

Sitraffic Guide product brief

  • Can be smoothly integrated in traffic management systems
  • Requires neither a traffic computer nor other complex IT hardware
  • Monitors the occupancy of parking lots and parking garages
  • Connects with dynamic on-street guidance panels in different technical designs (LED, LCD) and other information platforms such as the city's Internet portal
  • Open interfaces for connection to third-party systems allow the use of Sitraffic Guide as part of any traffic infrastructure landscape
  • Runs on a standard PC
  • Intuitive and easy user interface 

Sitraffic Guide indicates free parking spaces to road users and provides the operator in the traffic control or municipal administration center with comprehensive analysis functions. For this purpose, it communicates on the technical level with other traffic applications. 

Sitraffic Guide can transmit parking space data to a range of information services, making the search for a free parking spot much more convenient. Users can access the current parking situation data either via the municipal web portal or a modern navigation system.

No matter if installed as a small stand-alone PC solution or as an extension package for a traffic computer, Sitraffic Guide enables central monitoring of all parking facilities in a city. The graphical user interface and the integrated GIS (geographical information system) make for a familiar ‘look & feel.’ The message and alert management is clearly structured and offers numerous options for statistical analyses.

For the data transfer between Sitraffic Guide’s central unit and the distributed components (sensors and panels), users have the choice of several technologies: either fixed cabling or a wireless connection via GPRS/UMTS.

Sitraffic Guide. Benefits and highlights 

  • Higher occupancy and profitability of parking facilities
  • Lower traffic volumes and less environmental pollution
  • Improved quality of life in a more attractive city
  • Modular structure for scalability and adaptation to different use cases
  • Basic system, parking guidance center or parking guidance system for multiple users

Sitraffic Guide

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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

Sitraffic Guide

No matter if two car parks and a single display panel need to be controlled, or twenty parking facilities and several hundreds of panels – thanks to its flexible modular structure, Sitraffic Guide can be tailored exactly to any task.

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Parking guidance systems for your town or city

For towns and cities of any size: Sitraffic Guide has already stood the test in towns of 16,000 inhabitants as well as in million-resident agglomerations. Sitraffic Guide enables targeted guidance of traffic flows, minimizing parking-related traffic and optimizing car park occupancy.

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