Truck Parking

Parking information systems for truck parking facilities

Currently, there is a shortage of about 7,000 truck parking spaces along German motorways. Effective help comes from a system such as Sitraffic Conduct+. A dedicated module informs truck drivers, long before the end of their driving time, about free parking spaces at the rest areas along their route. Whereas another module optimizes the arrangement of vehicles over the parking place. This makes rest periods easier to plan for the drivers and optimizes the capacity utilization of truck parking lots. That is what Truck Parking from Siemens is about!

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Truck Parking

Two systems, extended capabilities

The truck parking information system using the platform of Sitraffic Conduct+ comprises in two modules: Capacity Parking determines the current occupancy status of the parking lot and makes precise information on the number of free and occupied parking spaces available. Convoy Parking with Sitraffic Conduct+ feeds the scheduled departure times of the individual trucks into the system, making it possible to minimize space requirements and boost parking capacity without physical expansion.

Convoy Parking with Sitraffic Conduct+

Same space, more trucks

Until recently, truck parking areas worked according to the implicit rule that every truck would enter and exit at its own schedule, independently of all the others. This required a lot of extra space because between the different parking bays, lanes had to be kept open at all times for entering and exiting vehicles. Now the Convoy Parking module of Siemens Sitraffic Conduct+ drastically reduces these space requirements.

Sitraffic Conduct+ assigns the incoming trucks to different parking lanes depending on their planned departure time. So that all trucks in a given parking lane will leave at the same time, they can be spaced very closely, and no maneuvering lanes have to be kept open. This enables much more efficient use of the available surface area. For optimization purposes, the system also records vehicle length.

At all times, the system knows exactly what is happening on the managed parking lots. If several rest areas along a given route are equipped with the Convoy Parking module, all of them are displayed on the GIS map. The users can access detailed information on each parking area with a click of the mouse.

Since truck drivers can find out about the availability of free parking spaces at the individual rest areas on their route long before the end of their allowed driving time, they can now accurately plan their mandatory breaks. The information is made available via various channels, e.g. smartphone app, on-board navigation system, traffic channels or information kiosks at the rest areas.

Full modularity is the design principle behind Sitraffic Conduct+. Yet the modular concept does not focus on particular technologies, but solely on the desired functionalities. The Convoy Parking module can be implemented as a stand-alone system – and easily extended by adding other modules such as the truck parking information system.

Truck parking information system Sitraffic Conduct+

Precise occupancy information for truck drivers and parking guidance centers

The system accurately records the occupancy status of the various parking facilities and automatically feeds the data via outstations into the central management system. From there, the data can be made available to a wide variety of information platforms. In addition, the operators at the center can intervene at any time and trigger specific actions.

Sitraffic Conduct+ counts and categorizes all vehicles as they enter and exit the parking lot. Using the so-called ‘difference method’, the parking space occupancy is calculated indirectly from the difference between the number of entrances and exits. Thanks to the high accuracy level of the vehicle detection function, the system works with just a small number of detectors and is thus very cost-effective to implement and operate.

Sitraffic Conduct+ uses a combination of ground sensors and additional laser scanners at the entrances and exits to achieve the high accuracy needed for the difference method. The laser scanner records the exact height and length of the vehicles, ground sensors measure their speed – even for tightly spaced vehicles, in case of congestion or low speeds, or for vehicles maneuvering within the measurement area.

Via outstations, the system continuously transmits the occupancy data of all connected truck parking areas to the parking guidance center. All parking areas are visualized on the GIS map. For each parking facility, the system stores detailed information, which can be accessed at the click of a mouse.

Using the DATEX II profile for parking applications, the occupancy data for the connected truck parking areas is transmitted to different information platforms. Via TCM etc., the information can reach virtually all road users. The mobility data market place (MDM) provides private service providers with the relevant data.

Sitraffic Conduct+ Truck Parking. Benefits and highlight

  • Precise measurement of current parking lot capacity
  • Suitable for parking areas of any size and type
  • Indicates overcrowding of parking lots (more vehicles than designated parking spaces)
  • Number of measuring points depends on selected solution
  • User-friendly visualization of the current parking situation on the screen at the control center
  • Able to detect various vehicle types (light/heavy trucks)
  • Accurate detection also of slowly moving vehicles
  • Convoy Parking can boost the capacity of a given parking lot by up to 50%
Convoy Parking with Sitraffic Conduct+

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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

Sitraffic Conduct+ Truck Parking

For the Bavarian road administration, Siemens Mobility and Logistics has implemented a pilot project that is unique in Europe – on behalf the BMVI (German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) and with additional support from Bavaria’s Central Office for Traffic Management.
Sitraffic Conduct+

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Parking information system for truck parking facilities

Truck parking spaces are a rare commodity, which can now be used more efficiently thanks to Sitraffic Conduct+ Truck Parking. Sitraffic Conduct+ records the occupancy status of the individual parking lots and makes the data available to truck drivers – for easier planning of rest periods and optimized capacity utilization.

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