Maintenance Services

Transparent maintenance scope ensures guaranteed availability level

Our comprehensive Maintenance Services will help you optimize the lifecycle costs of your systems – based on a defined, transparent maintenance scope. For guaranteed availability around the clock and minimized risks. Additional advantages: You always have a state-of-the-art system and benefit from maximum planning reliability and a firm grip on costs.

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Maintenance Services

On-call service or system care contract?

On-site service or remote maintenance? The choice is yours. For both types of service, you can either conclude a system care contract, or call on our services on a case-by-case basis, no matter if you need predictive, preventive or corrective maintenance. We offer modular remote maintenance service for both Siemens equipment and third-party products.

Professional support from experienced system experts

We are there for you over the entire lifecycle of your systems, providing support in solving technical problems and remediating malfunctions. We respond quickly and reliably to all your support requests and are on site to help your operation and maintenance staff. Our on-call support service is guaranteed to meet your expectations. If you need us, just call.

For efficient, reliable and secure On-call Support

For many years now, we have been providing services via our common Remote Service Platform (cRSP). It allows the secure provision of remote services for safety-critical systems in a range of industries, e.g. power stations, healthcare, industrial plants etc.  Certified by several official bodies, the platform meets international data security standards.


  • Fast response in case of technical problems
  • Efficient fault identification and diagnosis reduce troubleshooting time and improve service manpower planning
  • Remote troubleshooting support minimizes unplanned downtimes
  • Effective preparation of on-site interventions
  • Remote monitoring of parameters and events minimizes unplanned downtimes
  • Online condition monitoring helps prevent malfunctions, failures and consequential damage
  • Remote provision of software updates ensures that you always have the latest software version at your disposal
  • Continuously updated anti-virus software protects your system IT reliably against viruses and hacking
  • Expert support during commissioning and upgrades helps increase efficiency
  • Remote operation service, e.g. during night shifts, on weekends and holidays

On-call Support

Benefits and highlights
  • You deal with a single central point of contact for all technical questions, analyses and technical troubleshooting.
  • Experienced Siemens product and system experts provide you with professional support, around the clock if required.
  • You have access to specialists with comprehensive experience in the areas of installation, commissioning, planning and development.
  • Fast and reliable elimination of malfunctions guarantees a high level of system availability.
  • We help raise the satisfaction level of road users and citizens.
  • You have full transparency of support ticket status thanks to regular status reports.
  • You benefit from the wealth of experience gathered in Siemens projects around the globe.
  • You can rely on always being provided with the latest software versions for all products covered by the service.

On-call Support

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Keeping road systems up to date

Siemens offers you innovative services that meet all your requirements. With our proactive service tools in combination with a system care contract, we can enhance the availability of your systems and ensure that all software and hardware components are always state of the art. For any project, safety, security and cost-effectiveness are at the top of our agenda.

Benefits and highlights

  • Modular service packages – tailored to your individual requirements
  • Proactive service – prevents problems before they emerge
  • Continuous provision of the latest software updates and upgrades
  • Permanent availability of all required spare parts
  • “Single point of contact” for all matters regarding your system
  • Only performances that are truly required to safeguard your investment will be invoiced
  • Highest possible availability level
  • Traffic systems including the latest features and improved functions
  • Protection against product discontinuation and obsolescence
  • Planning reliability in terms of lifecycle costs
  • Full system care provided by an experienced and reliable partner
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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

On-call Support

You have a single point of contact for all technical questions and can rely on an huge network of experienced specialists for all your support needs. For some facts and figures on the extensive maintenance service activities of der Siemens Mobility, see below.

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Transparent maintenance scope ensures guaranteed availability level

Our comprehensive Maintenance Services will help you optimize the lifecycle costs of your systems – based on a defined, transparent maintenance scope. With state-of-the-art remote maintenance, fast logistics procedures and distributed service points, we are there for you 24/7.

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