Operation Services

Optimum performance even in exceptional circumstances

Traffic volumes keep rising. One of the major challenges of our time is the task of providing sustainable and cost-effective means of mobility. Siemens continues to develop innovative solutions that will help you do just that. Our Operation Services enable you to make more efficient use of existing capacities and to maintain high system performance and availability as well as quality even in exceptional operational circumstances.

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Modular services

That exactly meet your needs

You want to achieve optimum technical operations and enhance both system availability and quality? No matter what challenges you need to tackle, our modular range of services will offer the right solutions for your requirements.

Worldwide provision of Financial Services – from Siemens Germany

As an international provider, Siemens Financial Services develops financial solutions for Business-2-Business customers. With over 3,000 employees worldwide and an international network of finance companies, Financial Services offers services both within Siemens AG and to other companies.

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Solutions for infrastructure projects

For companies as well as for cities or other public bodies planning major infrastructure projects, strong nerves are certainly a must. But not only that: They also need reliable partners, solid financing and professional support and service.

Operation Services. Benefits and highlights

  • Modular service approach (ITS Service Landscape) that makes it possible to tailor technical operations to the customer’s individual requirements
  • Optimization of lifecycle costs based on a defined, transparent scope of service – for guaranteed availability levels and reduced risks
  • Innovative service processes combining remote (via CRSP), on-site and logistics services – in full compliance with strict safety and security standards (EN 27001 certification, for instance)
  • Guaranteed response times and system availability levels delivered by distributed service points
  • Lifecycle management guarantees that the system is always perfectly up to date, and ensures planning reliability in terms of lifecycle costs
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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.
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Operation Services

Growing traffic volumes can lead to exceptional operational circumstances. With our services for technical operations, we offer innovative solutions that enable more efficient use of existing capacities and ensure high system performance and quality for the long term.

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High performance even in exceptional circumstances

Operation Services from Siemens: Custom-tailored service solutions that help you optimize technical operations and achieve maximum levels of system availability and quality at all times.

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