Traffic Light Controllers

Straße  in London mit Controller und Signalgeber als Digital Layer

Digital and efficient controllers create intelligent intersections

This allows you to keep everything under control even in the most complex traffic situations: intelligent traffic controllers reduce downtimes and thus increase safety at intersections.

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Sitraffic Controllers

Intelligent and sustainable solutions for traffic signal control

Benefit from a powerful and innovative solution that grows with your city's traffic infrastructure: The Sitraffic sX and Sitraffic C920ES traffic controllers are an investment for a sustainable future.

Traffic light controller Sitraffic sX

The innovative Sitraffic sX traffic controller grows with your needs.

Operating configuratingtraffic parameters quickly and flexibly? Why not: Sitraffic sX traffic control units which can be easily operated via a web GUI over a fast and secure connection meting the the highest safety standards to achieve maximum availability and seamless integration into  a comprehensive traffic control systems. In addition an - advanced version is available for more complex traffic engineering requirements.

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Sitraffic C920ES: The proven controller for the operation of your traffic lights.

If you are looking for a signal controller that can handle complex requirements while being robust, reliable, energy-saving and safe, the Sitraffic C920 ES is the right choice.

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Make your intersections intelligent and future-proof: Sitraffic traffic light controllers

Learn more about how you can reduce downtime and increase safety at intersections with our innovative traffic controllers.

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