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Set a signal. For safety and environmental protection.

The Silux2 signal heads are brilliant, safe and durable - and particularly economical. State-of-the-art LED technology combines high visibility with maximum energy efficiency.

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Silux2 signal heads

Safety, Visibility, Efficiency

Combine low power consumption with high availability, easy handling and efficient maintenance. Thanks to the latest LED technology, the Silux2 signal heads set sustainable standards worldwide.

Silux2: the LED signal heads for energy-efficient and sustainable cities

Our Silux2 signal heads combine proven technology with the latest LED technology. This makes them even safer, more reliable and more efficient. As a result, you benefit from minimal power consumption, brilliant optics and maximum reliability. Durable and robust components as well as a very stable and reliable LED technology ensure particularly long service life and low maintenance costs.

The new LED signal heads series Silux2



Cutting-edge solutions for special applications

Whether particularly economical, particularly safe or particularly compact: Silux2 signal heads convince in all traffic situations and areas of application.

How can we make absolutely sure that intersecting traffic flows do not receive a "green light" at the same time?

Siemens Mobility provides the answer with the first signal head with SIL3 certification. With its multi-layer monitoring concept, Silux2 VLP achieves the highest safety standard in road traffic (SIL3). What's more, Silux2 VLPs are particularly economical: thanks to the Very Low Power version, they consume only 1 to 2 watts of energy, up to 80% less than previous 230 V LED signal heads. How you benefit:

  • Safe and reliable signal monitoring
  • Preventive LED maintenance
  • Integrated microprocessors for the collection and analysis of even large amounts of data

How do I implement a traffic light that consumes only 1 Watt?

Sitraffic One is the world's first solution for the complete "1-Watt intersection" with SIL3 safety standard - because Sitraffic One works with the innovative Silux2 VLP monitoring technology. This is how the probably most economical traffic light in the world works: 


Sitraffic One

  • No analog load resistors and switching elements in the signal heads.
  • Uses digital LED driver modules and state-of-the-art light emitting diodes with particularly low power consumption.
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How can safety for cyclists be increased at traffic junctions?

The small signal heads from Siemens Mobility allow separate red and green phases to be switched at intersections for cyclists and can also be used as an auxiliary or additional signal for signaling in special situations. For more safety.


Benefit from the advantages of our brilliant and economical LED signal heads.

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